New “Dokidoki! Precure” Movie to Release This Fall, Official Site Opens

© 2013 Dokidoki! Precure the Movie Production Committee
© 2013 Dokidoki! Precure the Movie Production Committee

Every year, many fans flock to theaters to see the latest movie in the hugely popular series Precure, and this fall looks to be no different. The title of the newest movie is Dokidoki! Precure the Movie: Mana's Getting Married!!? The Dress of Hope that Connects to the Future!. The official site for the movie has opened, and it has been announced that the movie will release in theaters on Oct. 26.

On June 30, the fifth Precure, Cure Ace, was introduced in the TV series and has since been picking up attention. Even though just introduced, this character is shown on the key visual of the new movie that has been released. The five Precures will be largely active even in the movie.

A portion of the movie’s story has also been revealed. Similar to the movie’s subtitle, it appears that the plot will center on a wedding and a wedding dress. Mana, who inherits a wedding dress that her grandmother and mother wore, excitedly thinks, “When will I wear this dress?” Then, a mysterious man named Mashu appears, and Mana is transported into the past. There she finds her beloved grandmother and her dog Maro. However, something seems amiss in that world in which Rikka and Alice don’t exist. With the future in jeopardy, the Precures fight to protect the future and their precious memories.

It seems that this year’s film in the hugely popular series will be largely anticipated as well.

Source: AnimeAnime

© 2013 Dokidoki! Precure the Movie Production Committee

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