Hirohiko Araki Exhibit Sponsored by Gucci Finally Opens in Florence

Hirohiko Araki Exhibit Sponsored by Gucci Finally Opens in Florence

An exhibit for manga artist Hirohiko Araki has opened in the ancient city of Florence, Italy. On June 28, the exhibit, titled “Hirohiko Araki an Exclusive Manga Exhibition in Florence,” opened in a historic building from the 15 century owned by fashion maker Gucci. The exhibit has roughly 60 pieces on display such as color pictures from collaborations with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Gucci, as well as pieces from the past exhibits “JoJo Exhibit” and “JoJo Nihon Hakkei,” which were held earlier this year in the Mori Arts Center Gallery in Roppongi, Tokyo.

Picture exhibits for Araki were also held last year in Sendai and Tokyo. These were held to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Araki’s representative work, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. The concept being changed for each one gained high praise from fans. The current exhibit in Italy is the third part continuing after these two. This exhibit was first announced in July 2012 at a project press conference, and it has finally now been implemented. At the press conference, Gucci Japan CEO Christophe De Pous talked expectantly of the exhibit, saying, “This is the fusion of Gucci tradition with manga,” and, “The exhibit will give Florence a beautiful surprise.”

It’s also worth noting that Gucci is a sponsor of the current exhibit. In addition to the exhibit’s venue being owned by Gucci, it was used by the company as a workshop when the brand was first established. Normally, the building isn’t open to the public, but it is being used as a special showroom this time. The connection between Gucci and Araki goes back to August 2011 when a collaboration work called “Rohan da Gucci” was published in the monthly magazine Spur (publisher: Shueisha). This collaboration between an abundantly creative brand and a manga artist caught many people’s attention. After that, various collaborations between the two have taken place, including one that exhibited art in Gucci shops within Japan and abroad. A plan was then made to finally hold a collaboration at Gucci’s headquarters in Florence. The world of Araki’s work is sure to surprise many people in Italy.

Hirohiko Araki’s Official Site (JoJo.com):
http://www.araki-jojo.com/ (Japanese)

http://animeanime.jp/article/2013/06/19/14484.html (Japanese)

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