Creator Interview: Shin' [2/2]

Creator Interview: Shin' [2/2]

We recently interviewed TOM Special Creator and cosplayer Shin’. If you haven’t read the first part of this interview, you can do so here: Creator Interview: Shin' 1/2

TOM: What was one part of this outfit that you fussed over?
Shin’: The primary thing I was particular about was using the enamel material. After that, it was keeping the cost within reason while still being able to express the features well.

Also, I was particular about making the bonnet lightweight and making sure the style of the outfit wasn’t lost.

TOM: Were there any difficult parts in making this outfit?
Shin’: It was difficult finding a way to keep the bonnet fixed while balancing the weight. Also, because of the many decorations and gold hemming on the gloves and boots, it took longer than I had anticipated.

TOM: What work do you plan on cosplaying next?
Shin’: I plan to cosplay as Chief Maid from Maoyu Mao Yusha and to remake Kusanagi Motoko’s outfit from Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C.

TOM: Is there a character you would like to challenge yourself with, but haven’t gotten around to make the outfit yet?
Shin’: I would like to cosplay as Mario 66, an android from Masamune Shirow’s (Ghost in the Shell) original manga Black Magic M66.

TOM: To you, what does cosplay mean?
Shin’: Cosplay is...a very important communication tool. Creating cosplay outfits life.

TOM: Lastly, could you tell us more about your exhibition?
Shin’: The exhibition “Akiba Optics Research Institute Harajuku Photo Exhibit 1.0” will take place from May 6-19 at the Block House gallery in Harajuku.

The exhibit will showcase photographer Kouichi Ochi’s cosplay photography that somehow or other conveys the complex thoughts he wants to express while being gritty and and technically simplistic. The biggest point is that the cosplay photos weren’t taken in Akihabara, the capital of otaku culture, but rather in Harajuku, the hotspot for daring fashion.

The photo exhibit was made possible by support from so many people. Please view it for yourself to see how all this support acted as a catalyst for the exhibit!

Check out our picture collection of the talented Shin', and don’t forget to SUKI her! Keep it here for even more interviews with some of the most prominent creators in the otaku world!

“Akiba Optics Research Institute Harajuku Photo Exhibit” Official Site: (Japanese)

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