Creator Interview: saaki [2/2]

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TOM: Looking back at your one year as a creator, what do you think?
saaki: When I started being active as an illustrator, I wanted my works to be known to foreign audiences right from the beginning. I think I have succeeded. Now, I get work from various places and I’m very happy about that. For example, when I made illustrations for Starlight Deco Dream (, I received numerous messages from overseas viewers saying, “Please draw for my site, too!”

TOM: Why did you aim for “overseas”?
saaki: From my experiences in my previous company as someone who used Adobe Illustrator, I recognized that in Japan, “a person who uses Illustrator is a person who makes raw material and is not recognized as a person who makes original artwork.” On the other hand, I don’t feel these restrictions overseas, so I decided right at the start that I would send information to overseas people in English, even though I wasn’t used to it.

TOM: So, that means your plan was correct, wasn’t it?
saaki: Yes. Luckily, I get jobs, I get introduced to overseas clients, and I have been given the opportunity to draw illustrations at a Harajuku club event, Heavy Pop (

I was deeply moved when I saw that flyers with my illustrations were placed at my favorite fashion brand’s shop. I want to show Japanese fashion to the world, so I was really happy I could collaborate with fashion, which you could say is my point of origin.

TOM: What do you plan to do now?
saaki: I still want to aim for overseas audiences and gather more and more viewers. In addition, when I participated in a recent event, I was granted the chance to make an analog illustration with acrylic paint instead of in digital. I think I still need to improve my technique. I received positive feedback from the viewers, and I am reflecting upon the importance of analog, one-of-a-kind pictures. From now on, I want to make both digital and analog pictures. I also started making original accessories in Nov. 2012, and I want to actively promote them at events.

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