Creator Interview: Yahata Aya

Recently, we interviewed Yahata Aya, a TOM creator with a fondness for cute girls with animal ears. Read on for the interview!

Creator Introduction
- Name: Yahata Aya
- Experience: When I was six, I started drawing with pens and ink. In 2006, my first submission was published in SS magazine (Asukashinsha Publishing). In 2011, I was in charge of illustrations for the book “Kyutei Shijin ni Sasageru Hitosara” written by Naruha Shiina and published by Shueisha Cobalt Bunko. Now, I am currently a neet.
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TOM: How did you get into drawing?
Yahata: I first decided I wanted to try drawing due to a message in Eriko Ono’s manga Miiko Desu! that said “Manga is a medium in which you can draw humans!” A long time ago, I used to think that the drawings were done by machines (haha). Back in middle school, I began drawing characters with kemomimi (animal ears).

TOM: How do you create your work?
Yahata: I usually draw using Photoshop and Sai on my computer.

TOM: How often do you create new work?
Yahata: My pace is a bit slow. In one year, I create about 50 works.

TOM: Could you tell us about your specialty?
Yahata: My specialty, or rather what I am dedicated to, is creating work within the realm of “moe illustrations.” When I stray from that, I don’t know why, but all I draw is strange creatures. When it comes to kemomimi, it’s not an obsession, but rather a necessary nourishment that I would die without drawing!

TOM: What do you want to draw in the future?
Yahata: If I can just draw lots of pictures of characters with fox and wolf ears, I’ll be happy!

TOM: What would you like to say to TOM’s worldwide fanbase?
Yahata: Huh, a comment from unintelligible me to the world!? That’s, kemomimi are wonderful things, so everyone please have a look. I am very happy every day to experience this burning passion! Let’s spread kemomimi to the world. ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧

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