Japan Otome Festival 3 Event Report

The three leading brands in the world of otome games - Neo Romance, Otomate, and B’s-LOG - joined forces for the dream event Japan Otome Festival 3, which was held on Feb. 9 and 10. TokyoOtakuMode attended the event to bring you a report of the highlights.TokyoOtakuMode attended the event to bring you a report of the highlights.

The atmosphere at Pacifico Yokohama was hot enough to make attendees forget about the bitter winter cold that is characteristic of February in Japan. Before the event hall even opened, highly skilled cosplayers gathered in the lobby, and long lines were forming for the selling area. Once the event hall opened, everyone immediately shuffled to their seats, and voices could be heard here and there of those who couldn’t wait for the stage event to start.

The stage event finally started at 6 p.m. Shrill yells could be heard from the crowd as characters were projected on a giant screen on stage, and the audience’s cheers reached a climax when the voice actors took the stage. It was a spectacular sight as they all lined up on stage. Their splendor was almost too much to bear.

The variety of the stage event meant that there was something for every kind of fan, and included live drama scenes, a live radio recording, a variety talk show, and introductions to new works. The event was so fun that the two and a half hours flew by in an instant.

For the encore, the voice actors returned to the stage and enthusiastically sung the event’s theme song “I Love You Most in the World!” Fans were waving their glow sticks with all of their might and cheering until their voices were hoarse. The event brought together many fans who all can’t wait for next year’s Otome Festival.

For those who weren’t able to attend this year, definitely try to next year. Similarly to Otome Festival 1 and 2, a DVD of Otome Festival 3 is planned to release in June. This is a must-have item for otome everywhere, so don’t miss out!

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