Supercell to Produce Ending Theme to the TV Anime “Magi”

Last year saw the rise of many hit anime. Among them was one in particular that dramatically increased the popularity of the original manga. That anime is Magi. The series includes a manga that is currently being serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday, as well as an anime that is broadcast every Sunday night on TBS in Japan. Along with the popularity of the anime, the manga has seen a rise in sales and has suddenly become a major work.

The TV anime for Magi will continue its broadcast well into 2013, and a new ending theme for the anime has been decided. The new song is being produced by the popular Japanese unit, supercell. The unit is well-known among anime fans, having first produced the ending theme “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari” for the anime Bakemonogatari. Since then, the unit has churned out a great number of hit songs, many of them for anime.

Supercell’s new song for Magi is called “The Bravery”. The song overflows with the feeling of urgency and desperation. The single for the song will be released on Mar. 13. Check out the song, and if you like it, make sure to pick up the single.

Source: (Japanese)

© Otaka Shinobu/Shogakukan, Inc., Magi Production Committee, MBS
© Otaka Shinobu/Shogakukan, Inc., Magi Production Committee, MBS

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