Nice :) also comes with code for the game :D

I'm excited


My first frame arms ever!
i havent assembled it yet D;

it came with a big box~☆
I saw an old review about this vulture and it came pinkier (or probably i look into a different vultures?)... but this one came with colors very similar to the previews.

The frame came preassembled :)
Cant wait to put it together ☆

Unpainted as usual~ but love it


As expected it came unpainted like other MSGs :)
I'm still not use to it since i mostly buy prepainted toys//

I havent assembled it, it looks great though ;D



Sensei arrived safely in a nice and big package (≧▽≦)!

Love it so much! He doesnt came with many parts, but i'm still very happy with it :) --i can make him stand on his own without the base/stand ヽ(*´∀`)ノ♡

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