Cute Keychain


This is a really cute keychain. The keychain is soft just like the name of this product said. I put it on my phone case and I'm surprised how durable the keychain is for me. It stays on my phone no matter what I do. I'm glad that I ordered this item.

Nice Clear Files


The clear files were of good quality and the images were clear. My school papers fit in the files neatly.

Wonderful Price for the Artwork


When I first saw the price, I did a double take. Beautiful drawings and a bonus text for fifty cents?! I went and bought it immediately, and I thought it was worth the two quarters. The images were of excellent quality on my laptop. I printed out the pictures, and I hung them up in my room. I recommend buying this if you're looking for something to hang up in your room and you want to save money.

Nice Calender


This was a beautiful calendar. The only problem I have with it is that the paper easily rips apart, which can ruin the artwork. However, as long you remove each paper carefully and slowly, the artwork can be easily preserved to hang up on the walls.

Cute Bag


The bag was nicely designed and easy to carry around. I can easily fit my tablet inside the bag.

Nice Shirt


I just got this shirt today along with the Outer Science shirt. One thing to note is that these shirts are on the small side since these shirts are in JP sizing. Because of that, I recommend to order a size or two larger than your normal size. In this case, I ordered a Large.

When I first took this shirt out of the plastic, the shirt looked kind of small. I thought there was some mistake but I checked the tag and it said it was a Large. So I tried it and fit nicely. The shirt felt somewhat thin to me but I guess it felt that way since it just came out of the plastic and wasn't worn before.

Cute Pen


I'm surprised how good the quality of my pen was. Normally, most pens have that cheap feel, but not this one. Plus it has a nice picture of the character (my pen has a picture of Mikazuki Munechika), so I could look at it when I'm bored. When I write with this pen, my hand feels really comfortable. Yay.

Beautiful Artwork


I ordered this because I like Takarai's artwork in Seven Days (haven't read Ten Count yet but interested). In this book, it's wall to wall pictures of her art. All of them are so pretty. This book is perfect for fans of Rihito Takarai.

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