Chris Gomez


Love Guilty Crown!


I'm not really a fan of stickers but as soon as I got my new laptop I started putting all sorts of them including this! I wish Tom had more selections but this will do for now

Ero? More like Oreimo


Im aware of the series, but haven't looked into it yet. I only got this just because it was made by the creator of Oreimo which is my favortite anime.

Definitely consider it.


Kuroneko was niclely well made, but the other pair Kirino didn't follow my expectations.



I got the Planetarium one and its beautiful! I love the design and everything but when I got the umbrella and opened it up it was a bit small than I expected. I would recommend this for little children.

Tell Your World!


If the box is enough to impress me then the figure itself is even more impressive! The figure is gorgeous in every way you look at it.

Hana Midorikawa
Hana Midorikawa$107.99



I didn't really expect Hana (from Prison School) to come out of TOM from out of the blue. Usually when the anime airs, figures of it comes out, but this one is an exception! This came out while the manga is still on going. So as soon as I saw it on TOM I ordered it with no hesitation!

From the looks of it, the figure itself looks very decent even if its not in front of you. So when it was physically in my hand I was really happy of how it was made. The quality of the figure is unbelievably good! The best parts about it is when they included the "bottle" and the "Medusa" that was referenced from the very scene itself! Very satisfying indeed.

I woul...
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