Illustrator - Japan
I create exhibitions and designs while working for a company. I am active in Japan.



  • Stage in the Shadow

    Acrylic on canvas

    • 4894
    • 39
  • Cocoon

    Acrylic on canvas

    • 4313
    • 42
  • To Light Bleeding

    Acrylic on canvas

    • 4233
    • 36
  • Solitude at the Speed of Light

    Acrylic on canvas

    • 3787
    • 35
  • Your Eyes at Night

    Acrylic on canvas

    • 4193
    • 22

About Me


Illustrator / Japan

Born in 1988 in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Current resident of Osaka.
Graduate of the illustration department at the Kyoto Institute of Design.
I currently publish work while working for an online sales company.
Many of the works I publish are themed after girls, night, and outer space.


  • GenreIllustration
  • NationalityJapanese
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday05/22/2014
  • Blood TypeA
  • Zodiac SignGemini
  • Years Active5
  • RegionOsaka, Japan


    “Art Platform - Los Angeles” L.A. Mart (Los Angeles)
    “Practice Exhibit” Hidari Zingaro (Tokyo)
    “VOLTA7” Dreispitzhalle (Basel)
    “Young Art Taipei 2011” Dynasty Hall (Taipei)
    “Art Dosue - Kyoto Kyoto Art Project Exhibit” Hidari Zingaro (Ueno, Tokyo)
    “Hatsune Miku Pixiv × Kaikei Kiki Gallery Exhibition (within Snow Miku for Sapporo 2011)” (Hokkaido)
    “4 Tatami Mat Group Exhibit” Cafe Bar Pokopen (Osaka)
    “Chaos Lounge Vol. 3” Mograg Garage (Tokyo)
    “YMC Exhibition 01” ubeful (Kyoto)

    “wassyoi#” 0000 Gallery (Gojo, Kyoto)
    “¥2010 Exhibition - Final” Daimaru Shinsaibashi (Shinsaibashi, Osaka)
    “wassyoi” 0000 Gallery (Gojo, Kyoto)
    “Morals Exhibit” Bodaiju Cafe (Ogimachi, Osaka)
    “2010 Exhibition - Spring 2010” 0000 Gallery (Gojo, Kyoto)
    “Artists Night Vol. 1” 0000 Gallery (Gojo, Kyoto)
    “wassyoi” Kaleidoscope Museum (Karasuma Oike, Kyoto)



    How did you get into drawing?

    I was influenced by my father's art.

    What are you particular about in your work?

    Using pretty shades of blue.

    How long does your work take to create?

    1-8 hours.

    When do you come up with ideas for your work?

    When I'm listening to music and when I travel alone.