Illuminati Zoldyck


Senpai Cap
Senpai Cap$24.99

awesome :)


really nice, fits good, no problems at all!

Awesome Figure


Super nice, details are great, and the paint is all done perfectly. She comes with some cool parts and pieces, all are very cool. Would recommend this if you like figma and/or Metroid. I have been collecting figures for a while, and this is one of my favorites to keep on display. The only thing I don't like is that it doesn't look like I can put the gun in the hand, and since I don't want to break it, I have not tried to force it.

its good but...


The Foxy figure is pretty good but it falls over and the leg and hand fall off a lot. The joints don't have that much movability and it would be easier to pose if the feet moved. The paint is really nice, no sloppy mistakes. Details are all great, and its made of a good plastic. It could be better but it's still overall a pretty decent figure.

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