The best part of my LoZ collection


Man, it goes without saying that the game itself, Breath of the Wild, is beautiful looking, and I didn't think it possible to be captured by a FIGURE. And yet with the DX edition of the Link Nendoroid, it really is captured. There's so many items to play around with, almost everything comes off so you can customize it to your ideal, and every little item has such detail. It's adorable, colorful, and so faithful to the details of the game, I was pleasantly surprised. The only other Nendoroid I have is the Link Nendoroid from Majora's Mask, and I thought he was amazing in his own right, but man, this one one-upped it in every sense. I love, love it. I can't speak on th...Read moreClose

It's Beautiful, but tough and sharp


Looks wise, Princess Zelda is wonderful looking. I do think her face is thinner and gaunter looking than the ones shown in the picture, not sure if this is because of photoshop, lighting, or just the different paintjob. Either way, I'm satisfied with the paint job on this figure, she's very pretty. Her items include an extra face, a bow and arrow, and a sword. Her poses aren't varied, it's pretty much what you see in the pictures shown on the website. For some reason, it was hard for me when I was switching her face, the little stubs to connect her face and crown were tricky. Not to mention the bow and arrow...sigh. That was so taxing, I'm not very experienced with f...Read moreClose

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