Great Gift


Judging from the look on my friend's face when she received this plush, I'd say it exceeded expectations in more ways than one.

Cute Final Fantasy Souvenir


The Cactuar itself is made of PVC plastic while the strap consists of two pieces of suede leather sewn together. It looks really nice on my phone, but I wouldn't recommend having it on your phone if you're the type to keep your phone in your pocket. The three needles on top of the Cactuar's head is liable to get caught onto pocket thread and break off; they're rather small and therefore more breakable than the rest of the figure. Definitely would not recommend using it as a keychain for that very reason. If you're careful with your phone, then strap that Cactuar in. Otherwise, I would suggest finding a less delicately-made charm for your phone.

Great Buy


Very unique lunch container that comes with a durable rubber band to keep it securely closed. Would fit into any insulated lunch bag with ease. I recommend washing it thoroughly first by removing the rubber lining on the lid. You can easily put the rubber lining back on after drying everything.

This container is great for solid foods, but I wouldn't recommend putting soups or any other liquids in it, as the rubber lining doesn't fit tightly enough to prevent leaks. Of course, using it straight up as a bowl is certainly fine as long as you're not traveling with it.

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