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Beautiful sculpt and pose for Sumire! One of the best bunnies from Freeing!


From the not so recent franchise Sakura Wars (Sakura Taisen), this figure of Sumire is one of the most beautiful figures of the character. Her face is gorgeous, has a great pose considering most B-Style figures (bunny) are usually standing or kneeling. The little details like the fan and the ribbon are some of the things that set this bunny apart from the rest in this category.

The paint job on this figure is as to be expected from Freeing, beautiful skin tone, gloss outfit (and as plus in my favorite color), mesh tights in actual fabric material and her face...the one thing that actually convinced me to get her, was the face. She is gorgeous.

B-Style figures are not cheap,...
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Beautiful Rin figure, although on the smaller side.


This is a very beautiful figure, but it would have been way better as a 1/7 scale. The sculpt looks great as well as the paint job. The best thing about the figure for me is the expression which in my opinion looks better in person than what the pictures show.

It comes with to additional small acrylic bases for the "floating gems" which look cool but gives the overall figure a bigger profile when displayed. If you are short on space on your cabinets or shelves, like me you could just display her alone.

If you are a fan of Rin this is a great addition to your collection, even though there are still better looking Rin figures still available online.

PS: I m...
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One of the best current female artists in Japan. Beautiful Works!


I got introduced to karory's works when by chance saw an illustration made by her for Amagi Brilliant Park, and was instantly in love with her work. My favorite female artist has been Noizi Ito for years, and karory is right up there with how good looking and awesome the illustrations look.

The book comes inside a sleeve along with a short line drawings pamphlet. The illustrations on the cover, box and pamphlet are breathtaking to say the least. The colors she uses, the composition of the shot, everything looks incredibly pleasing and you could stay minutes just watching a page admiring the work. Pages feel high quality and are made of a thick matte paper stock. Print quality ...
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Incredible colors, quiality and size!!


Bought the Daisy tapestry and this one together and I must say I loved the Daisy one a lot since she is my favorite fairy (dark hair....I am a sucker for them), but this Annabel Tapestry is just flat out incredible.

It's a bigger size than the one depicting Daisy, but the quality of the print is gorgeous even when looking at it up close. Colors are vibrant, with no bleeding and no noticeable errors. No pixelation, nothing. This is a top quality tapestry and even though more expensive than the Daisy one, you get what you pay for. TOM Creator series is a well made, beautiful tapestry series that, if you are a fan of this type of goods, don't hesitate to get them.

Daisy, My favorite Tony Fairy!!


I was looking for this scroll for sometime and finally decided to get it. Not disappointed at all, in fact I can't believe why I didn't get it sooner. Gorgeous art and the quality of the fabric is one of the best I have seen. I have many wall scrolls, but this TOM Creator ones are the best by far.

One of my favorite Saber figure, first racing one!


I own quite a few Saber figures, from figmas and nedoroids to scale figures, she is the most figures I have of a particular character in my collection. At first I had second thoughts on getting her because I was never into the "Racing Girl" genre of figures, but since it was Saber, decided to get her.

This was one of the best decisions I've made regarding a figure. The colors are pleasing to the eyes, the pose is cute, and her face is a joy to look at. She arrived with no production blemishes or damages. This saber is a joy to look at and admire. A truly lovely and well made figure.

Only thing I wish it had was a tighter grip on the umbrella, as mine kind of ...
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After losing hope, I finally got her! And she is a beauty!


Had lost all hope on getting her since I missed the pre-order back when she was up for pre-order. But TOM had her in stock and I was lucky to finally get her, and display her along side Felicia.

Details on this figure are top notch. One small gripe I might have with mine is that one of her thighs arrived with a very small smudge, but nothing too big as to give this figure a bad review. She looks stunning from any side, but of course, the best side is her back side! Beautiful curves with a very nice expression on her face.

Of the two bunny figures (Felicia and Fuyuka), I like Fuyuka's pose the most, but Felicia colors are more vibrant and the contrast her hair (Felicia&...
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