His colouring is super cute and overall he's well done!!!

Let's Duel!


Besides some minor paint defects, Playmaker is very well made!! His stand is very sturdy for when he's positioned one his D board. His eyes are like previous Yugioh figmas in which you can remove and reposition with the provided eye pieces.
Perfect for any Yugioh collector!



Super cute! They did a good job with her nendoroid!

Skull ♡


Ryuji's figma is top notch! Highly detailed with an amazing painting job.
They captured him perfectly, he's even hunched over!
Now can we get school uniform Ryuji? :3

Shield Bro


I love Naofumi ♡

But I find his cape and stand don't get along very well. He doesn't sit quite right and I practically have to balance him on his stand. His right arm also pops out really easily so positioning him is very frustrating for me.

Otherwise, he's a great little nendo!



Love him! Love his nendoroid! They captured Lan Zhan so perfectly, even his ears are blushing on one of his face plates!

And for a nendoroid with long hair, getting him on his stand isnt much of a hassle!

For real?!


The details on Skull are amazing and I love his face plates!!

Best Boi


Tanjiro's nendoroid is so very cute!

His stand is sturdy for more dynamic posing and he's very light weight! The details and paint job is top notch as well.

The only concern are his earrings since they are so small and delicate.

I can't wait for Zenitsu and Inosuke to join him!

Ready for Adventure


Zelda's nendoroid is absolutely adorable! Her paint job and detailing are high quality and she fits nicely on her stand with her long hair!

She pairs perfectly with the BOTW Link nendoroid too.



Perfect little charm for any i7 fan!!!! *^^*

Crystal clear choice


Her paint is so well done!! The details are on point!!

Another perfect addition


Very cute and well done! She's very well made

Stole My Heart


Fabulous figure! I'm super hyped to finally have him home!! ♡

Paint job is great and I love the dynamic pose.



Great figma, paint job is very well done. It is a little tedious changing his legs to put his belt on for his gun sling...but otherwise he's worth it!

Will steal your heart!


Joker's nendo is super cute!

I wasn't expecting different eye pieces for his mask but they're very easy to pop out and place back in.

The only thing that bothers me a bit is that his mask sits out from his face. But, I'm already adjusting to it!

Can't wait for P5R!



I started playing FGO thanks to this guy (along with other characters...) His nendoroid is a perfect little addition to my nendo family and looks great with Arthur!

I love the paint job, and his joints move smoothly. His hair is also spikey so changing his face plate can hurt a bit!

My only concern is that his staff sits loosely in his hand. Otherwise, he's perfect!



Sora's nendoroid is absolutely adorable and very well made!

The paint job is fabulous and for a nendoroid his joints are very articulated, meaning lots of poses!

If you like Kingdom Hearts, I highly recommend him!

Spooky!! 🎃


This is so cute! My only problem is that all my nendoroids have hats! Haha! But it's well made and I love the little accessories it came with!
The down side is the cape, the stand goes through the cape to insert into the nendo's back.
But perfect for Halloween!!!!



I love this outfit! It is so cute!!!! The hat doesn't sit very steady but otherwise I'm in love! 🎃🎃🎃

Just like the photo


I have yet to set it up, but it came with everything included and set up looks very easy! The items are good quality and I can't wait to use it for photo shoots! :D

Super cute


She came sooner than expected and was well wrapped.
Her paint job is beautiful and she's very posable.
My problem with mine is that her left arm tends to fall off easily. She's also a tad difficult to put on her stand due to her long hair and the arm falling off.
She sits on her Pegasus well and she's the perfect partner for Marth.



This figma is beautiful! Her paint job is stunning and suits Princess Zelda perfectly. It's hard to see in the photo's provided but she has a iridescent shine along her gloves and dress.
Unfortunately, her arrow falls out of her hand easily. Other than this, she's a must have!



After a minor incident with mine (thanks so much TOM staff, you guys are amazing), I really fell in love with him! His paint job is great, he's detailed, and his hookshot and ball & chain have real tiny chains! It's AMAZING.
On the down side, his arrow seems very fragile and could snap easily. The spot where his stand inserts is questionable and also seems fragile. (It inserts into his back pouch).
He's an awesome additon to my collection!

Great Addition.


These are a great addition to any Zelda collection. They're super detailed and are great quality. They look exactly as shown!

Holy Hylia!!!!


I was so happy when this cutie arrived today!! He's the perfect edition to your Zelda collection.
His hair and hood piece was a little stiff to change at first but loosened up after changing. His arrow is also a tad tricky to place in his hand.
His paint job is amazing and he has plenty of details despite being a nendoroid. His stand is pretty sturdy so he can have dynamic poses and he fits well on his horse.
He's super cute and hard not to admire. ♡

Absolutely Stunning!


I'm so happy TOM got this in!!! He's beautifully sculpted and painted and looks like he jumped right out of the game!!! A must have!

Adorable and ready for war!!!


This headphone jack is absolutely adorable!!! It fits great in my phone (Samsung) but has a little scratch in the back, which is obviously a battle scar. Super cute and a great accessory!



He came in perfect condition! His joints are very easy to move and pose. He's adorable and the delux was worth the extra money.

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