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Tokyo Otaku Mode 10th Anniversary Ninja-kun Acrylic Stands
Tokyo Otaku Mode 10th Anniversary Ninja-kun Acrylic Stands$12.99$11.04 - $12.99(Up to 15% OFF)

Adorable but incorrect measurements.


Cons: It's way smaller than I expected. lol I bought both the Lantern and Crepe truck, and they're the same size. It's max height is less than 3 inches when assembled. So I don't think the stated measurements (before assembly) are very helpful for you to imagine its actual assembled look.

Pros: Package came in great condition, as did the products. Not a scratch on them. I'm giving one of these to my gf and one for me!

Daily Joy from Waifu Love


There were only a couple left in stock, and I kept going back and forth if I should buy. Finally, I put in my cart, used coupons and points, and saved over $50 bucks on this baby!! So I bought her.

And I love it! So smooth! So curvy! My TOM package came right away, no damage to the product's casing.

I have a few Sonico figures, but this is definitely the highest quality one I've ever gotten. Great size. Great assets. Thank you, TOM!

Does the game justice


For the size, refined painting and detail, this piece is an amazing deal for its price. I could easily see this costing 50 bucks more. BUT IT DOESN'T. Thank the goddess!

It has a good weight to it. A base that keeps Link's one leg standing with no problem. The arrow head is bigger than I expected, but that's okay. Would have been awesome if it could light up with an LED lol.

It has a matte finish, or at least I think it does. It's not very shiny. I keep him to the side of my big screen as I play - you guessed it - Breath of the Wild. I've played more than 100 hours. So the figure feels like my personal trophy for investing so much into a beautiful g...
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