Fast delivery and great quality


Another great Figma! Fubuki's design is simple by nature, but Max Factory really makes it shine. The joints were some of the tightest I've seen in a while, and the paint apps were awesome. Add that to Otaku Mode's quick delivery, and I can't recommend her enough!

The worst of luck...


I always seem to have the worst of luck with raffles, but I thought, I'm already buying a Figma, why not add a raffle ticket for only 99 cents?

Great figure, great quality, great service...


As expected, Max Factory and Good smile company delivers another stunning figma. Out of the packaging, the figure was a little warm from sitting on my front porch for a bit, but that was to be expected... 😅

Kirito ALO version is a pretty cool figma. They nailed the aesthetics on this one, and the paint apps are amazing. The mat black on the coat helps give it a pretty realistic look, and the swords have a great glossy look. My only wish is that the joints were a bit tighter, as the right leg keeps falling off, but it's nothing I can't fix...

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