Perfect to Match BRS!!


I'm so glad I bought her along with the Black Rock Shooter pop up parade!! I love her pose and the way her clothes are flowing. My only complaints are that she and her scythe don't fit as well in her base, and I also don't really love the neon green color of the base. I wish it was black like the matching BRS. But I still love her and am so happy to have her!!

Great Budget BRS Figure!!


I was so excited when the BRS pop up parades were released, and I'm so excited to finally have them! It's awesome to see BRS figures for an affordable price that still look great! I love that her base is solid black as I'm not a huge fan of the PUP bases. I also love how shiny her clothing is! She also looks wonderful next to Dead Master :) Honestly I have no complaints and absolutely love this figure!!

So cute!!


This was my first nendoroid and I'm so happy with her! I'm writing this review a bit late but I've enjoyed having her! She comes with cute faces and a lot of accessories, and she's actually articulated which I think is so fun!! She's easy to pose and super cute, and her quality is great!!

Super Fun!!


This Miku was the second model kit I've made! There were a few parts that were a bit tricky, but I would say she's pretty beginner friendly. I have two main complaints though, the first being that she isn't fully painted. Her hair has no gradient and some of the black parts on her clothes I had to fill in myself with a marker. Her head also doesn't fit the best and neither does her body, but I feel that could be easily fixed with some glue. Other than that she's a fun project and I'm glad I got her!!

I love her!


This figure is absolutely gorgeous! I agree with other reviews saying that she seems front heavy. She is placed at the front of the stand, and she has a sort of leaning pose. She seems stable and I'm not too worried about her falling over, but I'm still going to be careful. Other than that I think she's perfect! Her hairstyle and outfit is adorable, and her fishnets are real! One of the cutest Miku figures I've seen. I'm so happy I got her!

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