Super Adorable!


Goodness, she's even more adorable in person! She came in perfect condition and super quick too! I didn't even pay for the fastest shipping, but she came sooner than I expected. 10/10 will always buy from TOM because of their great care for the items they ship.

She's a goddess


One of my very first nendoroids! I really loved Yoshino in Date a Live, I just had to get her nendoroid once I saw it back up for re-release.
She came in perfect condition with all her adorableness. The box was in perfect condition, no rough handling or anything.
Her paint job was perfect, no mess-ups or anything wrong. And all her parts stay in place without falling off.
10/10 great nendoroid.

What an Adorable Little One


Ren-chon is a must have for any Non Non Biyori fan. She is super adorable with her recorder and all her faces. She's perfect!
She came in perfect condition too, no loose parts, no broken parts, all good!

Super Cute!


I ordered Reisen, Tewi and Kaguya and they all came in perfect condition! The box was a bit big for only 3 key chains.. but I'm not complaining.

What a Cutie


Super cute Nendoroid! He is my first male nendoroid... so of course I was super excited to put him in dresses and skirts, haha! (but i mean it's aoba so its ok cause he likes it anyway.)

The quality was great, 10/10
Ren too 10/10
Everything fit together perfectly, no missing parts, no paint mess-ups.
He arrived in a perfect crisp box with no scuffs or damage.
He also arrived pretty quickly!
I pre-ordered him, waited a couple months, received my email and I think it was only 1 or 2 days before he arrived. Very quick shipping. (he was probably at the Los Angeles TOM factory instead of the Japan one.)

Overall he's great, can't wait to buy Cle...
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I named him Taromaru. I bought the little one with the santa hat, just because he's sitting in our Christmas tree now! Super cute, just as pictured! I just had to buy him once I saw that he looked like Taromaru from Gakkou Gurashi!

Very Cute!


I ordered little Momo, and she came just as pictured, just not as leaning, which made me very happy! She's super adorable, and looks great in our white Christmas tree. I will have the whole collection someway!

Oh. My. Goodness.


Wow. Where can I start?
Well. For starters.. She's so so so so so cute. So much cuter in person! Her main expressionless face.. As soon as you take off the hat it's like 10 times cuter.
But of course her with the hat is adorable as well.
She came in 100% perfect condition! That's why I give it 5/5 stars. She is just perfect!
(Passed my legitimacy sticker test too, meaning she has a sticker of legitimacy! Super happy!)
I don't think there's anything I don't like. She's perfect.
Her colors are a bit lighter in person, but she's still perfect. No imperfections.

Anybody who loves Bakemonogatari and especially Sn...
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