Marc-Antoine Gagné




Awesome looking.
The pose and paint are great. So is the sculpt, however, there are small visible gaps around the shoulders as if the parts did not quite fit.
Nothing major though.
I'm still very happy with it!



I am so happy with this Venom!
The sculpt is great, the pose is impressive.
There are some paint mishaps but then again, it is a bit expected of the ArtFX+ line.
Overall he looks amazing.
I would really recommend it to any Marvel fans.



The pose, sculpt and paint is really cute.
However, mine has 2 small faults. First in the sculpt of the hair right in her bangs which is really a bummer. Second one is in the lightning on her chest, a paint mishap it would seem.
I'm really nitpicky about these things. It really isn't that bad.
Overall, I am very happy with this purchase!

Pretty good


It's a pretty nice figure. Another good entry in the ArtFX+ collection from Kotobukiya. Plus, it's one of the only Agent Venom figure. My issue with this collection still remains the same: the figure isn't balanced well enough and the small magnets in the feet help a little but I still get scared of it tumbling over. Plus, the little step they give to help with the balance doesn't seem to fit on this one. I had no problem with both Spider-Men, Carnage and Wolverine.
But as with all Kotobukiya, the sculpt and painting are pretty good.
I recommend it to Marvel fans.

So cute!


Shunya Yamashita's art is once again made into an amazing figure by Kotobukiya.
The sculpt is beautiful and the painting is precise.
I love Squirrel Girl's pose too and the addition of Tippy-Toe makes it adorable.
I'd recommend this one to any figure fanatic.



Amazing sculpt and pose!

It is seriously the best Marvel bishoujo I have so far, she's also my 10th.
The sculpt and paint seem flawless and the pose looks grand!
I love how everything has a matte finish but the armor parts which have a soft shine to them.
You can switch between her head with or without the helmet.
The box was really huge though. Probably twice as big as Storm's box.

Also, TOM's package was flawless as usual with bubble wrapping, a mini clear file and a sticker. They even put in some japanese snacks which I have yet to taste.

All in all, I would rate this 10/10.

Thanks TOM!

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