Cute & sexy anime men - need I say more?


The book is chuck full of colorful illustrations and cute/sexy male character designs! See the relationship between the heroine and the guys bloom in the scene shots from the game (to which some are very nice~ ;) Sketches of some of the finished illustrations and character design development are in there too.

I highly recommend this to anyone who likes to play these kinds of games or just loves cute/ and or sexy anime men fighting over the affection of a cute girl!

The PERFECT witch hat!


Looks just like the photo! Nice soft and quite material and you can customize the tip of the hat the way you want it. I highly recommend this item to anyone who wants a good looking (not to mention cute!) witch hat for a very good price♥

Do Deka Bar: Chocolate
Do Deka Bar: Chocolate$1.99 - $15.92

Airy, crispy and covered in chocolate!


Airy, crispy and covered in chocolate! Not much to this bar but I did enjoy the taste and the large size of it. It's worth a try!

Kakugiri Pineapple Gummies
Kakugiri Pineapple Gummies$2.99 - $23.92

Yummy pineapple goodness!


First, they feel like REAL pieces of pineapple! I ate these little buggers up so fast and thinking about reordering more. They are slightly chewy and the right amount of sweetness! the only downside to these is the small bag/amount you get.

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