Good quality


Much smaller then i had expected and the clouds will detach from the base fairly easily if you're holding it in your hands but apart from that it's really well made with good detail.



The figurine is really nice and well made, really kawaii body and overall godess. I really like Rin in fate/stay night and is perfect for my collection. Not to mention that its easy to assemble/disassemble with the seem right under the chest making it unnoticeable. Swords are really cool and you can place them facing up or down.



Sexy figure with great curves and pose ;P no regrets on this purchase and will look at it everyday for the rest of my life XD

Visual Collection


I received the visual collection, it was in great condition and had good quality images. Only thing that bothered me was that a lot of the images you can easily find on the net and there aren't enough pages. Besides that I'm pleased.

Queen’s Gate: Kunoichi of Destiny Kasumi REVIEW


Nice art really like it but NOT ENOUGH PAGES lol
It helps if you want to learn how to draw those type of clothes or fabric getting cut apart ;P

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