Gorgeous figure with simple box


Her box was a really simple, clear design with minimal decorations. Setup was mostly simple, her wings were firm and easy to put in her. Her fan however, caused me issues. The peg to connect it in her hands is really tiny, and you have to go by feel, I recommend a toothpick and MINIMAL pressure, I snapped the handle clean off the first time I tried placing it, luckily you can't see the handle when she's holding it.
Her base is also a really wide circle, it's quite a massive floor space user, and shiny, partially see-through black.
TL;DR nice figure, but be super careful with her hand fan.

Cute cat phone stand


Gotten for a friend ages ago and it was lightweight yet sturdy enough to hold her phone up. Cute and got the job done!

Solid, large Kakashi figure, just strange display stand placement


A surprisingly large figure for what I was expecting, and pretty god detail for the low price. His Chidori is a lot darker blue and almost looks metallic compared to the promo image's lighter looking blue. My only big gripe with this figure is how his display stand attaches. It was really hard to put in, took me like 5 minutes of solid pushing while being afraid I would snap something, and the angle in where it goes in seems to cover Kakashi from his optimal viewing angle! Like, in the promo pictures it literally shows him from a front view, but with the stand he's not completely visible from the front view. Basically, I think that was poor choice of where to attach his support....Read moreClose

Gorgeous girl!


I didn't even know who Kasane Teto was but when I first saw this figure I told myself I was buying it if it came back in stock. She did come back in stock and I have no regrets on buying her!
She's a nice large size and super detailed with her outfit and hair, I love how her face is done along with her hair ornaments.
She did come with 3 small paint errors, however, which was a bit disappointing for me considering her price but at least they're not very noticeable. She has one small scrape/indent on one of her kimono sleeves, one black speck on one of her dress ruffles and a more noticeable paint error on the black base where you put a peg in for one of her ribbons whe...
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Cute and Detailed Emma


This series has really pretty packaging, box also had a top window which was nice. Really appreciated the detail in the folds of her clothing, and her skirt wiggles a bit so it's not entirely static for some reason lol. The bookshelf idea is nice for the stand, although you can definitely feel the books are light plastic, but the faux woodgrain on the steps was quite nice. Emma also came with her pen which seems kind of strange to display as she can't hold it, I ended up putting in inside the bookshelf so I wouldn't lose it.
Hair looked great with the strand ontop being really cute and able to repose it gently moving it.
Only thing that looks strange about her face is ...
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Good Cheaper Deku


I got this figure when he was 50% off which was a pretty good price. So far I've been pleasantly surprised with the quality of the cheaper Banpresto figures and this one stays true to it...good quality with only 2 paint errors upon close inspection, one on his kneepad and one on his body. Assembly was fine for his upper body to attach to his legs, but a bit of a pain with the amount of force I had to use to get the stand into his body while fearing I would snap something. The stand is also really wide so it takes up a fair bit of space, so you may have to be a bit creative when displaying him if you don't have lots of space.
Overall good figure for the price, just be careful in...
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Crispy Boi is Smoking Hot!


I was very pleasantly surprised when I opened this figure, the pictures on the box looked very underwhelming compared to the figure itself!
Dabi has really nice detail with clothing folds and great attention to detail with his skin amd staples throughout , also is a solid figure that doesn't feel flimsy at all, he was also very easy to put on his stand. I was worried the spiky hair wouldn't look very good in person as hair in general can be hit or miss, (with cheaper figures especially!) but it looks just as good as in the promotional photos.

Overall great figure for the price! Now I just need a Suneater/Tamaki Amajiki figure to feel complete :D

Beautiful Kaito Figure!


So I only have a few figures in my very small collection, including a figma Kaito, buying this figure of Kaito(on sale of course!) was no regrets at all- he was packaged so well and I love all the details on the figure itself! Funnily enough, one of the first things I noticed when taking him out of the box was the wrinkles on his socks, I'm really happy he's so detailed-his parosol is really pretty too! He's pretty sturdy and has some weight to him, he feels like he's good quality lol-the pegs on the stand were actual metal instead of plastic so that was also nice.

The only thing I would say to be careful about is putting him on the actual stand, it took a bit of...
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Small pirate boi


I got what I paid for as it was on sale and pretty cheap. Still a good boi although quite light and firm, like not super squishy or dense feeling I suppose?
I got the 'Mametaro' dog, he is just as cute as I thought although there were a few little glue strands under his hat/eyepatch that I carefully took some of them off, this is gonna be for a gift so I hope my friend likes it!

Bigger then I thought!


I always expect things to be too big or too small it seems haha-I got the 'Shimataro' Latte cat and I gotta say, he looks just as I hoped. A little foam cat floating in some coffee, a perfect gift for my friend who loves cats and coffee!!
The keychain is also pretty light for it's size, even though it's plastic, I hope it's able to last a long time.

The only thing that was a little weird was the product tag was not attached, just lying next to it in the bag. Not a problem but never seen that before!

Big, cute, lightweight cat in a coffee keychain, my friend liked the gift so I'm happy!

Soft bois


Super soft, although suuuper small, I knew they would be tiny but not that tiny LOL barely the size of my palm-
Still excellent quality and actually arrived on time for once!

Decent figure, impossible to stand up properly


For the figure herself, she seems smaller then I would have expected, but there is a lot of detailing on her that I didn't expect. On her back her dragon spines on her armour are all detailed which was really neat to see even though it's underneath her cape(which cannot be removed).
She only comes with 2 accessories which is a little lacking and she is extremely hard to place on her stand, the spot where you attach her is inside this weird lump underneath her cape which is rather hard to do, the stand literally does not function.
Like, I always just balance her leaning on her stand, I have given up on trying to insert it, it really does not function! Whenever I bump into ...
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Premium Nemu Nemu Animals Hug Pillows
Premium Nemu Nemu Animals Hug Pillows$19.99 - $27.99

best soft boi


I got the Medium sized Shiba, no regrets other then shipping prices-
I got the cheapest shipping option and he came in 2 weeks exactly which was a pleasant surprise!(rather then an item I preordered which took about 8 weeks to arriveinstead of the estimated 3-5 weeks...that was disappointing)

He's a perfect size and consistency, I love everything about him. Soft, yet firm enough to get a good squish, large enough to use as a smaller pillow, and good quality.

If there was free shipping I would totally buy another!

Love the product, but took over 5 months to arrive.


Made to order means it took about a month before I was notified that the item was being shipped out after I paid for it.
Previously I bought another made to order product and it shipped out like 2 days after I paid so that was a bit disappointing.

It showed up about a month after I got refunded (the investigation took two weeks of the 1-2 week estimation) for the cost of the item not including shipping.
I used SAL shipping so it was unable to be tracked as well.

Overall, nice manga, but shipping was a disappointment, I'm glad I got most of the cost refunded.

Got for a friend~ (Guy Fieri memes are always spicy)


She doesn't like cats but is a good cook and we watch a lot of Food Network together-and the Guy Fieri memes are spicy indeed.

Good little purchase that my friend liked and I was able to get a higher cash back with my order, so good stuff.

Got for a friend~


She said she liked it so that's all that mattered lol-I liked the cheap price so I could get a better cash back at the time of my order.
Good little purhase <3

Came quickly and exactly what I expected


Yeah, the item came quickly, packaged excellent. The manga came in mint condition, loved the few colour illustration pages and the artwork in general, there's easily 150+ pages.

Lots of love for the Second generation Fates characters as described <3

Good luck!!


This kind of thing is easy and fun, although everyone wants to win lol

Kotori Tai Bird Long Wallets
Kotori Tai Bird Long Wallets$12.99 - $50.99

Cute and functional wallet


I knew this would come in a matching box, but was surprised how big and cute it was! The wallet is a larger size, and my whole hand laying flat across it barely covers it, and has a strong clip, two open pockets, plus another with a zipper, so you have aa lot of room for cash and what not.
The card holder spots are nice, although they seemed a little short for avergae sized businesses cards, they fit credit card sized things snugly. The only thing I would worry about is them tearing if you jam something in too roughly, but that's probably not normal to happen.

Over all, good wallet, and was packaged safely and adorably. Can't wait to get compliments when I use this cu...
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Really nice manga!


This was packed beautifully, and it came sooner then I expected, it was shipped before the announced release.
The condition it came in was mint, wrapped in plastic and padded with lots of tissue paper, and the inside of the book even had some lovely colour picture pages I wasn't expecting.

It's also around 150 pages or so, and I was expecting a very short manga, and was pleasantly surprised! It even came with a believe a subscription card or something to fill out from the company, which shows it's legitimacy.

Over all, great purchase, great artwork, excellent packing, average shipping time. Just wish I could read Japanese! XD

Fast shipping and cute item!


This came really quickly, even though I went for the slowest shipping option, and it came in a box that was at least 20 times bigger then needed, you could ship this in a small envelope. But at least it comes quickly and safely.
As for the earphone jack itself, it was the same as pictured, and although it feels rather long and awkward if you're holding your device. It is lightweight, and good quality.
A cute decorative item for your phone when you're not using it.

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