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Lots of Art!!


This artbook has so many pages of sexy and cute artworks! I especially love the transparent pages in the beginning of the book as well as the pages that unfold to reveal larger artworks! I don't really know anything about To Love-Ru, but I've loved the character designs and will definitely check it out after looking through this book!

Cute but short


The illustrations are super cute, but it's kind of misleading when the description says 20 pages because there are only 6 drawings in this, 4 of which are shown in the examples.

So pretty


Mami looks so pretty in a kimono and there's so many different ways to pose her! She also comes with a little Charlotte who I love!

Boyfriend loves it


I bought this for my boyfriend as a gift because he loves konosuba. She's so cute and he loves it!

Cute and pink!


Pink is my favorite color, so when I saw that they had a variation to Sagiri's outfit I had to get it! I also love that she is smiling. The pink on her outfit is definitely more faded than the original photo, but I'm not really bothered by it.

Rem <3


I love this figure so much! Her face is just so cute!

My favorite tea bottle!


I bought the pink one and it's perfect for tea! It also keeps it warm for HOURS. I'll usually fill it up with boiling water before I go to work and 4 or 5 hours later it will still be hot! It does leak a little bit but the liquid will stay inside the screwed on cup/lid. I love cute and useful items!

Ram is so cute


I bought both Rem and Ram to display together. I actually prefer displaying them without them holding hands, just because it's difficult to put them together and also because they wobble a bit. Maybe I'm not doing it right, but regardless this is such a great figure and it's a lot bigger than I thought it would be!

Expensive but so worth it!


I bought both Rem and Ram, they were expensive, but I bought them during a TOM point event so I got almost all the money back in points to spend on other figures! Rem is so perfect! I love how the suit is shiny and how she's wearing real tights.

Super cute!


I love these figures so much! They come with so many parts and I can change the pose very easily!

So perfect!!


I've been wanting this figure for YEARS and its perfect! I love how the hair and wings are slightly translucent and just how dynamic the pose is. One of the wings would not stay in, but fixed it with some putty. Such a beautiful figure and I'm so happy with it!!!

Cute but broken


I love Kanna and this figure is super cute, but both her pigtails broke. I figured there was a high chance that it would after reading about everyone else's experiences. Also the hair beads and eyes are nice and glossy, but the swimsuit is matte and has a rough texture, not like the picture at all. The hair is rough as well and it has small horizontal lines as if it was 3d printed. Overall very cute, but quality and packaging could be way better.

Cute but not what I expected


It's super cute and I love the illustrations, but I needed a calendar to write down my work schedule and important dates. This calendar only has a small side bar with the week day and date, so it's a bit pointless for me. It looks great as an art piece, but now I have to buy another calendar :(

Didn't come with everything?


She came in perfect condition but she only comes with her rifle and a small pouch. I thought it would come with all her gear like in the last photo, but it's not included at all! I'm very confused!

So much cute!


I was so excited when this went on sale and I bought it immediately! Shipping was fast and he came here safely! He's so big and super soft! Love it so much!!! Only complaint is his ears were flattened in the box, but I don't mind. I'm so happy to have him!



I have had this mirror for over a year now, and I still love it! I wanted to keep it in the little bag it came with, but after a week or two the threads started unraveling and I couldn't use it anymore, but other than that it is still perfect!

So cute and tiny!


She is so cute! I knew she was gonna be small, but I didn't realize how small! She might be the size of my hand, but she is full of small details. She also comes with many different parts and it took me a long time to figure out how to display her because she can be posed in so many ways! Very happy with my purchase!!!

So cute!


I'm in love with these booties! They are so cute and soft and fluffy! They're perfect for winter when its cold. My only complaint is that there is a string coming out of the heart sewn on the bottom when I first got it, but other than that I love it!!!

Also I wanted to add that I am a women's size 8 and they fit a little tight at first, but they have stretched a little. If you have bigger feet though, the boots might not fit.

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