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Nendoroid Ookami Mio
Nendoroid Ookami Mio$60.99$51.84(15% OFF)



The figure is simply adorable! And I say that not just because I'm a Mio fan.
The details, painting and accessories are so well done and, as usual, exchanging and combining them is a lot of fun.
An absolute must have!

Definitely one of the best


Although I've never watched or read the series, the moment I saw this picture it caught my eye. Now that I have it I can tell it's great quality.
Everything, from the details in the hair, the expression, the fold on the clothing and event the shoes, is awesome! And don't get me started on the paint, it's fantastic and I could write a whole paragraph on it.
In short, whether you're fan of the anima and/or manga or just like really nice figurines, you can't go wrong with Shion.



A fantastic figurine of Fubuki. From the paint to the details in her clothing, hair and the small accessories, I'd completely recommend it whether you're a fan of Hololive or just love collecting figurines.

うち うち うちだよ!!


Being a fan of Ookami Mio, I can say I'm absolutely delighted with this PUP! The painting and details are great, from the eyes, though the hair ribbon and even her hair pin and all that in an adorable pose.
Whether you are a Hololive fan or just like figurines in general, this is one I would definitely recommend 100%.

Absolutely lovely


A great figurine with awesome attention to detail. From the colour and painting to the details on the hair and clothes, this is definitely a beautiful figurine from our dear underrated Cinnamon.



The fabric of the pillow cover is soft, good quality and the illustration of Miosha looks clean and great! She definitely looks super cute, even if it's only on one side.
No matter how you decide to display this pillow cover, it's definitely of good quality and totally worth it!

"Thanks for trusting me, Doctor."


A great looking Nendoriod and being Texas out of all, one of my favourite characters in Arknights, makes it even better! Great painting, enough accessories and an incredible finish to the figure.
Definitely glad I ordered it!

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