Boo! (in a spooky way, not a disapproving way)


I've always liked how the Halloween Town version of Sora looks, so I was happy when I found this. The figure is really nice and also relatively inexpensive. I think it's worth the money!




This art booklet is fairly short and the paper quality isn't the greatest, but if you enjoy ribata's artwork then I recommend getting this! It's definitely worth the <2 dollars it costs.

Ride-on UCHU


This is a really nice art book (or booklet, it's fairly short)! The artwork inside is all very nice and colorful. If you like Ann's artwork then this is definitely worth buying!

Kera [Jan. 2016]


I wasn't exactly sure what to expect (this is the first issue of Kera I've read), but I'm happy I bought this. The magazine itself is pretty big, with lots of interesting and unique photos within. If you're interested in Japanese street-fashion then I'd recommend checking this out.

Lovely artwork


While this book is rather small, I think it's definitely worth the
money because of how pretty the artwork inside is. All the drawings
are very detailed and full of colour. Also, the paper it's printed on
is decent quality; it doesn't feel like it will tear easily when
you're turning the pages.

So in summary, yes, I recommend this product.

Very nice book!


This art book is a nice size and the paper is of good quality as well. I was really happy with it, I would definitely recommend it to fans of Izmi Toyoda's artwork.

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