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Neku Figure Review!


I was so excited to find this figure (on sale too might I say) like what a steal!!! I'm a really big fan of TWEWY but there was never much merch released for the series so this was a must! The art style of the game translates amazingly to this figure and it makes me want to play the game all over again!

Galo Nendoroid Review!


I was so excited to order him since everywhere else has crazy markups for this nendo!! He was shipped super fast and he arrived without a scratch! Can't wait to bring him with me on my fire fighting adventures!!

Mikleo Scale Figure Review


I was really glad he arrived without a scratch! This figure is really beautiful although it’s more expensive than other Mikleo figures I’ve seen it’s definitely worth it because it looks much better and is very well crafted.

Sorey Scale Figure Review


The figure arrived wrapped up rlly nicely to ensure it arrived in perfect condition so I really appreciate that! In addition the figure itself is gorgeous with really fine details. I love now it comes with a little celestial record~

Really Cute Cup!


As a Totoro fan, I really enjoy this cup! The adorable designs can even teach you a few Japanese characters while you're waiting for your tea to cool. With this cup, tea time is more enjoyable~ ^u^

I love this water bottle!


I felt that I needed to add a little bit of Evangelion flair to my daily life so I got this water bottle (yay!). I bring it to school everyday and throw it in my backpack so I was worried that it would leak or become dented, but even though I've dropped it a few times it never dented or leaked. I'm really impressed with the quality and would recommend this water bottle to everyone >w<.

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