A super cute Nendoroid Co-de! Great for Pripara fans, or anyone that loves pink haired boys ♥

A Must Have For Karasuno Nendos


Daichi is a great nendoroid to own to round out the Karasuno team. He's cute on his own, and even better when paired with characters like Suga, Kuroo, and Asahi.
I would definitely recommend getting him if you're a Haikyuu fan!

Cute zombies!


I purchased the Choco Mint sticker from this set. The size is great for decorating devices like laptops and tablets, cases, or journals and notebooks. As another reviewer mentioned, the sticker is transparent so some surface colors may affect how well the sticker appears. (I put mine on a light brown/tan notebook cover and it stands out quite well!)

I would recommend both stickers to anyone who liked sweet, doll-like (and undead) motifs!

Disgaea Hero Rubber Straps
Disgaea Hero Rubber Straps$5.99 - $27.99

Plenty of great heroes to collect!


I purchased Laharl from this set, and even though he's smaller than my other two rubber straps of Laharl and has a slightly different colorway—his hair is more purple than blueish(?), this one still captures his charm. I would recommend him, and the rest, to any Disgaea fan!

A cute Small Giant in the making!


A very cute and expressive nendoroid, great for any collector and Haikyuu fan! I haven't put him in any dynamic poses, but Hinata looks great even standing with an excited smile on his face. He's also the sort of nendoroid that's great in solo pictures, but even better when he's in pictures together with other nendoroids.

A great keychain to showoff your fave overlord!


The keychain shows Laharl looking devilishly cool with a silhouette of monsters in the background. The design is vibrant and stands out on any background. A great piece for any Disgaea fan, especially if you love Laharl!

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