• TOM Premium


Great Piece for the Price


The shikishi makes for a nice art piece right out the box. More so I was honestly surprised with drinking glass, the picture didn't look great. However it's a rather nice, sort of thicc whiskey/scotch glass.

Too good for the price


For the price of this figure it's clean, does not look 16$ at all. Great pick up for a figure that pops with colour.

Love it!


Suuure, it's a bit narrow, but unlike most towels it's portable without taking up a ton of room in your bag. The stitching is quality and the fabric is soft, plus it has chibi Little Witches!

Don't Pass On It!


The pillow case is such high quality, it feels amazing. (sort of how you'd expect Ricka's beautiful skin to feel) And the pen is super adorable, sort of bulky and the ink cartridge had to be replaced, now it works very nicely.

Overall for any big MNG fan its worth the money, even if it'll hurt in the next CC/FM. Just make sure to buy when you see it!

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