Dante Alejandro


A shine beyond magic


Emilia comes in with only an arm to switch out between the crystal and nothing
Rather that’s just to present her better on the display box, everything is nicely set together within the box. It even has designs made for her specificily.
Her chess and hand crystal shine really well with sunlight and room light, there’s details to her nails and even wrinkles where there should be in her clothes. Overall I’m very happy with her stands and completetion. Hair look great even from the back so it makes a great 360。set.

Body Parts everywhere!


I find it almost creepy how Ram came in serval pieces
And ice cream
But it is very very well built
Her bands on her arms hides the joints perfectly and look natural
There’s great detail, like she has fully drawn eyes though you can’t see both, her back of her is hiden but still details there thus I am really impressed and love this Ram figure.

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