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Good quality Cinnamon figure!!!


Its so adorable!! She looks so cute and sexy and her pose looks really nice. Really good quality figure, shes co cute!

Adorable figure of Maple!


Its so adorable! I love her pose, and the way her hair flows looks so pretty! Amazing quality figure, im in love!

Lovely figure of Azuki


Shes so small compared to the other girls its adorable how they captured her height also her facial expression is very cute i love the figure!

Cute figure of Coconut!


Its so cute! I love how she stands next to the other characters because of how tall she is, especially Azuki because shes so small

Just like the pictures!


Super cute figure of Korone! I love it it looks just like her, and identical to the pictures! :)

I was worried at first but its so cute!


When i first looked at the pictures of it on the website i was a little worried it wouldnt be that good of quality, but i decided to order her and Ram because of the cute designs and low price tag, and seriously the pictures on the website do it no justice! Its way cuter than the photos! Im so happy with it. Sadly, Ram was delayed and still hasnt arrived even though i recieved Rem about a month ago, which im a little sad about because i know they would look a lot better as a set but its ok. It's also a little small but I'm not to bothered by that.

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