An elegant version of Kyouko


I absolutely love how refined this Nendoroid of Kyouko looks! She looks especially lovely with all of the other maiko Madoka gals

Just as cute as the real Sharo!


Sharo is as adorable as ever in her maid outfit! Her expressions and poses capture her personality perfectly!

“Fall” in love with Miku all over again


Miku is cuter than ever in her fall outfit! She is worth way more than the selling price, and her sculpting turned out amazing for being so cheap!



Chiya is just as cute in Nendoroid form as she is in the anime! Her outfit, accessories, and faceplates are all spot-on. An adorable must-have for any GochiUsa fan!

The #1 dragon maid!


Tohru and her maid outfit are adorable in figure form! Her horns and tail sold me to get this figure since she comes in all of her adorable dragon glory!

The world’s best (and cutest) assistant


I already have the summer Isabelle Nendoroid but I knew I had to get her winter version as well! Her faceplates and outfit are all super adorable, as is Isabelle herself!

Sweet pudding perfection!


The cutest Rem and Ram prize figure I have ever seen—their base is adorable, as are Rem and Ram themselves!

A must for any Genos fan!


His paint job and sculpting turned out great for the price (especially his hair!)

Super cute and super cheap!


Taito's Hatsune Miku line has been a blessing on the wallets and collections of figure collectors everywhere. This Sakura Miku figure is way too cute and the price is a steal for such adorableness!

A super sweet Chino figure


She is a very lovely addition to my GochiUsa collection and is even bigger than I expected (which is a bonus)! Her and Tippy are way too cute :)

Ichi Ni no Corgi Dog Plush Collection (Big)
Ichi Ni no Corgi Dog Plush Collection (Big)$20.99 - $60.99

The perfect little corgi companion!


I have a ton of stuffed corgis already so I wanted something different and the little bow on Hana-chan is what sold me! Just a heads up that her tail is longer and curly with a white tip (unlike the product photos shown) which was somewhat of a disappoint to me because it makes her almost look like a Shiba Inu! But still 100% adorable :)

Tsurugi Yagami
Tsurugi Yagami$99.99

An adorable addition for any shelf!


Her sculpt, paint job, and pose make for one lovely figure! She is also a nicely sized 1/7 scale. The perfect combination of cuteness and gaming!



5 stars because it's Saitama but it's definitely lacking in the accessories department!

Nendoroid Haruna
Nendoroid Haruna$42.99

Great quality and amazing service!


I absolutely love my mini battleship! She shipped from Japan but arrived extremely fast and was packaged very neatly and securely along with an adorable thank you note from TOM in a beautiful envelope. Amazing customer service, I'll definitely be ordering from here again!

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