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a year ago

Azur Lane Ying Swei 1/7 Scale Figure

I am so happy with this figure! I haven't taken her out of the box yet, but...Read more

2 years ago

ArtFX J Jujutsu Kaisen Yuji Itadori

Because of Covid related delays, it took a while for Yuji to make it here, but h...Read more

3 years ago

King of Glory Wang Zhaojun: Flying Phoenixes Ver. 1/7 Scale Figure

I debated on whether or not to buy this figure and had actually talked myself ou...Read more

4 years ago

Fate/Grand Order Rider/Ozymandias 1/8 Scale Figure

What more could you want in a guy? Seriously though, this Ozymandias figure is g...Read more

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