Unhappy with the contents of my bag


This is my first negative review on TOM. My bag contained a black dress, a black sweater, a chunky beige belt, simple white blouse and an ugly white scarf that I'm not really happy with. Only the pink sweater was cute.... I absolutely hate wearing black clothes unless it matches well with other clothes, and needless to say none of the items in my bag match really well. The items are so random it seems they stuffed together all the leftovers they couldn't sell. I would honestly love to return this but I guess I'll just gift them to friends. What a waste of money.

I would have much preferred if TOM had sold the regular Angel bag fukubukuro 2018 instead of this..... Very...
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So adorable !!!


I got Milk Tea-chan and couldn't be happier with her! She's so cute and fluffy. The size is perfect for my 5'5" phone and a small wallet, so I think I will be wearing it mostly from spring to fall, when I'm wearing outfits that don't have pockets (like dresses or skirts) and don't want to use a big bag for my essential items. I highly recommend this pochette.

So adorable !!!!


I've been collecting Amuse plushies for years (I have about 30+ so far) and Poteusa Loppys are definitely some of my favorites ^o^ So there was no way I wasn't going to purchase this! And what can I say? Shiroppy is the most adorable Loppy ever! I can't stop hugging it~

Very cute...


...and it actually works! It really helps me fall asleep faster and calm down after a stressful day. And the kitten plush is super adorable.



I got Cham and am extremely satisfied!

Lovely plush!


I got Kururin and he's so adorable. High quality plush (as expected from Amuse) with a big, fluffy tail! I love him.

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