As the sun sets in a futuristic fantasy world, a blonde lolita perches atop a metal platform and overlooks a bustling district filled with skyscrapers and studded with shops...

You could be the proud owner of this limited edition canvas art print by John Hathway that was displayed at Art Fair Tokyo! Only four exist in the world and one has already sold for 350,000 yen (approx. 3,200 USD)! Measures 13.78” x 31.5”. Enter every day (up to two times!) for a chance to display it on your wall! Don’t miss out on this final Otaku Prize Spin prize!

✨ P.S.✨
Affordable artwork sets by John Hathway are also available on the TOM Shop! Take a look at them below.


Every time you enter, you’ll get one of the following coupons!


These coupons have a minimum valid order subtotal:
$3 OFF $15+
$5 OFF $20+
$10 OFF $50+


100 Pera Neko!

Entry Period: July 21 - 24

The winner will receive 100 Pera Neko of a sitting tabby cat (all will be the same version).

One-of-a-kind headphones by Hiroto Ikeuchi

Entry Period: July 18 - 20

Incredible headphones created by the ridiculously imaginative Japanese modeler Hiroto Ikeuchi. And yes, they work!

Make Your Own Plushie

Entry Period: July 11 - 17

Create your original design! We make your favorite character into your own soft plushie!

1 Night in a Yuri!!! on Ice Hotel Room + Tour of TOM Warehouse

Entry Period: July 4 - 10

You’ll be welcomed to Japan by adorable bellhop and hotel server inspired chibis of Victor, Yuri P & K, Makkachin, and more at the Sunshine City Prince Hotel in one of their Yuri!!! on Ice themed rooms! ⛸ You’ll also be given a tour of the Japan TOM warehouse by TOM staff! You can even bring a friend with you on the trip, too!

Ladybeard Daikimakura + Short Video For Winner

Entry Period: June 27- July 3

You could win a Ladybeard Dakimakura this week! It’s an impressive 5’ 9” of hairy kawaii MAN. 💋 The front features a fierce, flexed pose that screams wrestler and the flirty pose on the back is so hot it’s nosebleed inducing. 🔥 The winner will also receive a short video from Ladybeard himself.

Trip To World Cosplay Summit + Cosplay Photoshoot & Photobook

Entry Period: June 19 - 26

You could win a trip for two to WCS which will include hotel and flight accommodations! 🛫 If you win, you’ll also be able to choose a costume from ACOS to wear, have a personal cosplay photoshoot with a makeup artist and TOM professional photographer Hara, as well as receive a hardcover photo book to cherish the memories forever!

Amuse Endless Rainbow Set

Entry Period: June 13 - 18

Forget double rainbows, with this set it’ll be like having endless rainbows as far as the eye can see! Featuring handpicked adorable rainbow plush cuties from Pote Usa Loppy, Kotori Tai, and even TOM-exclusive Alpacasso from the masters of cute, Amuse, your collection will be so overflowing with brightly colored, ultra soft, and oh-so-huggable rainbow animals you’re sure to squee in delight! 🌈

Set of 100 Figures: June Edition

Entry Period: June 7 - 12

Imagine your collection growing by 100 figures...! We did a re-run of this hit prize set in June, and we are currently reaching out to the fortunate winner!

A Year of Japanese Lessons + Your Favorite Manga in Japanese

Entry Period: June 1 - 6

We are currently selecting & contacting the winner of this prize. The winner will experience a full year of private online Japanese lessons from experienced educators at Nihongo-Pro. The lesson content and goals are totally customizable! Visit our friends at Nihongo-Pro to learn more about the vast possibilities, or even take a free trial lesson yourself.

Trip to Japan for 2

Entry Period: May 1 - 31

Last year, we held the Never Stop Dreaming Giveaway where we asked everyone about their otaku dreams. This year, we decided to start fulfilling those dreams! The number one dream you told us about was to visit Japan. The winner of this trip for 2 will be able to travel to Japan anytime between now and the end of 2020, and we are currently in talks with them to decide their preferred schedule and other details.

$999 Figure Set

Entry Period: May 16 - 31

We are in contact with the winner and have begun selecting items for their set!

Ultra High-Quality Custom Figure Display Case

Entry Period: May 29 - 31

Yome Terrace has joined forces with us to offer the ultimate customizable figure case, complete with special lighting and even optional engraving. We have reached out to the winner and can't wait to see how their one-of-a-kind display case will turn out!

$5000 Akihabara Shopping Spree

Entry Period: May 26 - 28

A splurge like no other! In mid-June, we'll recruit 10 random Japanese otaku right off the streets of Akihabara, give them approximately $500 each, and send them shopping on the winner's behalf. Hopefully they won't run off with the money... but even if they do, we'll make sure the winner gets their full $5000 worth of Akihabara goods! Plus, we'll get it all on video so everyone can join in the fun!

Lifetime Supply of Japanese Snacks

Entry Period: May 19 - 21

The winner has been selected, but the fun doesn't end there! Around the end of June, members of the popular idol group Moso Calibration will join us to create a video of the delicious chaos as we march into a local snack shop and buy every single item off their shelves. Stay tuned!

Set of 100 Plushies: May Edition

Entry Period: May 16 - 21

We are preparing to ship this prize soon! :)

Set of 100 Figures: May Edition

Entry Period: May 12 - 15

We recently shipped this prize (it took 4 humongous boxes!). The photographs used as examples for the new Set of 100 Figures being offered from June 6 - 12 were originally taken when we prepared the May winner's packages.

$999 Plushie Set

Entry Period: May 1 - 15

We are in contact with the winner and have begun selecting items for their set!


Physical Prizes

Prize winners will be responsible for all potential customs duties and taxes that may be levied by the local government/postal service in order to obtain their prize. If asked to pay customs fees to receive your giveaway prize, winners can contact TOM to be reimbursed in TOM Points with receipt proof of customs.

1 Year of Japanese Lessons

  • You must be 18 years or older as of June 1, 2017 to be eligible for this prize.
  • A year's supply is one 50-minute lesson a week for 52 weeks. If you like, you may take more lessons a week for a shorter period (total number of lessons is 52).
  • The winner must enroll at Nihongo-Pro (enrollment is free) and must use a PC or Mac with a reliable Internet connection to take the online lessons. A headset is recommended.
  • All lessons must be completed within 1 year of starting lessons at Nihongo-Pro. If you need additional time, an extension may be purchased. Unused lessons have no cash value.
  • You may need to buy a textbook for your lessons, depending on your level, what you want to study, and your teacher's recommendation.

Full Set of Your Favorite Manga in Japanese

Your chosen manga must be currently in print and available in Japan. The winner will be contacted regarding their choice of series. Please allow up to a month for the set to be procured and shipped from our facilities.

Otaku Prize Spin Coupons

All participants receive one coupon per play.
Each coupon received is valid for one use.
All coupons will be automatically redeemed and will be valid for 24 hours.
Coupons may have a minimum valid order subtotal (details listed at the top of the page when applicable).
Usage of multiple accounts is strictly forbidden and will result in disqualification and/or banning.