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Famicom Stationery Supplies: Mechanical Pencils

the WRITE choice ;)

31 Jan. 2017Permalink

well made, super cool pencils, they don't have erasers so be sure to have your own. Otherwise a great purchase!

Nendoroid Animal Crossing: New Leaf Isabelle (Re-Run)

Helps me manage my town

31 Jan. 2017Permalink

Got this a little late but that's not TOMs fault, the quality is great, just like all nendoroids and she's super adorable!

Nendoroid Link: The Wind Waker Ver. (Re-release)

Hyrule is adorable

24 Jan. 2017Permalink

Yet another addition to my nendoroid collection. This Link nendoroid is just as well made and cute as the rest of the nendoroids, some of the arm pieces are kind of loose but that's most likely due to a temperature thing. everything looks great and I definitely recommend one for any fans of the Wind Waker.

Pop! Rides: Game of Thrones - Daenerys & Drogon

Cute and fierce

24 Jan. 2017Permalink

I'm not usually one for pop! figures, I prefer nendoroids. However, this one is very well made, especially Drogon. You can buy pop! figures everywhere but TOM points are only on Otaku mode :)

Nendoroid One-Punch Man Saitama (Re-run)

Tiny Saitama

24 Jan. 2017Permalink

a great addition to my nendoroid collection, like all nendoroids, he is very well made and all the different parts really show of the One-Punch Man

Sushi Socks Vol.2

US $3.29 - $51.99( US $5.99 - $51.99 )
Sushi Socks Vol.2

Yummy socks

24 Jan. 2017Permalink

Bought these for my girlfriend, they look exactly like little rolls of sushi and are extremely comfortable.

Nendoroid More: Clip Stand 1.5 (Crystal Clear)

Helps your nendoroids fly

24 Jan. 2017Permalink

This clip is very well made, it has a strong hold and there are plenty of extra attachments to connect it to your nendoroids. Fully recommend!

Nendoroid Mega Man

US $42.29( US $46.99 )
Nendoroid Mega Man

Mega man

05 Apr. 2016Permalink

great quality and craft, as to be expected with all nendoroids

Nendoroid Kirby's Dream Land Kirby

Kirby nendoroid

16 Feb. 2016Permalink

Unexpectedly, kirby is actually magnetic, which was a fun little surprise. Overall, a great product, buy buy buy

Surfing Pikachu T-Shirt (Black)

Pokemon shirt

27 Jan. 2016Permalink

One of my favorite shirts. It's so well made and just a great shirt, I am so glad I bought this.

Keep Out Fabric Belt | Psycho-Pass


27 Jan. 2016Permalink

Great product and i just love the design, it's very well made and is definitely worth buying

CharaForm 004: Chrom | Fire Emblem: Awakening


26 Jan. 2016Permalink

Great product, very detailed and is a nice little figure of Chrom, definitley order if you're a fire emblem fan