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Cornelius Blake-Star's Review

figma Archetype Next: She - Flesh Color Ver. (Re-run)


14 Jun. 2017Permalink

I was surprised at how much I was able to pose it

figma Archetype Next: He - Flesh Color Ver. (Re-run)

I love it.

14 Jun. 2017Permalink

I will be seriously consistent with these.

figma Archetype Next: He - Gray Color Ver. (Re-run)


14 Jun. 2017Permalink

I've never really been able to depicted muscle bound characters, so this is really helpful in the long run!

figma Archetype Next: She - Gray Color Ver. (Re-run)


14 Jun. 2017Permalink

I can't enough of these! I will be ordering more in the future, I missed out on the black ones but I will claim those once they're in stock again.

S.H.Figuarts Woman DX Set (Gray Color Ver.)


23 Aug. 2016Permalink

This is will definitely come in handed for my future works.

S.H.Figuarts Man DX Set (Gray Color Ver.)

I Love it.

12 Jun. 2016Permalink


S.H.Figuarts Woman (Pale Orange Color Ver.)

So cute!

12 Jun. 2016Permalink

Again need bigger models.

S.H.Figuarts Man (Pale Orange Color Ver.)


12 Jun. 2016Permalink

I love it. I just wish they had bigger models.

figma Archetype: He Flesh Color Ver.

Figure, Like The Actual Shape

10 Apr. 2016Permalink

Yeah it looks like he has boobs that's all.

figma Archetype: She Flesh Color Ver.

Grade B+

10 Apr. 2016Permalink

The only problem is literally just the size.