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Nendoroid Little Witch Academia Atsuko Kagari


30 Nov. 2017Permalink

Atsuko looks amazing and has a good number of accessories. can't wait for other nendoroids from little witch.

Figure-rise Bust Hatsune Miku

great kit

30 Nov. 2017Permalink

I've only had one other figure kit, and this one was great by comparison. wet together very easy, little to no mold lines to clean up and a great version of miku.

Girls und Panzer der Film 2018 Calendar

can't wait for 2018

30 Nov. 2017Permalink

this calendar looks great and i cant wait to start using it next year

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Premium Box Set Blu-ray/DVD Combo

love it!

26 Sep. 2017Permalink

one of my favorite shows glad i can support them but picking up this box set

figFIX Love Live! School Idol Festival Eli Ayase: Cheerleader Ver.


25 Sep. 2017Permalink

I can't wait for the rest of these to get announced and shipped!

figFIX Love Live! School Idol Festival Kotori Minami: Cheerleader Ver.

brilliant figure

25 Sep. 2017Permalink

I can't wait for the rest of these to get announced and shipped!

Interviews with Monster Girls Hikari Takanashi 1/7 Scale Figure

love this figure

25 Sep. 2017Permalink

great figure for a great manga/anime i hope the bring our others for the rest of e demis

Girls und Panzer der Film Maho Nishizumi: Swimsuit Ver.

great figure

28 Aug. 2017Permalink

we don't get a lot of Maho figures but this one was done right, she is very true to character and seems like something she would wear. this is a well made figure that I'm very happy to have in my collection

Girls und Panzer der Film Miho Nishizumi: Swimsuit Ver.

beautiful figure

28 Aug. 2017Permalink

this is a great and fun figure of Miho well made and quite true to character

Pop! Anime: My Hero Academia - Complete Set

pop! quality stuff

28 Jul. 2017Permalink

I have always loved the Pop! figures. and the quality does not fail here. and My hero academia is just a great fit for them. great set.

figma Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova Cadenza- Haruna

amazing figure

29 Jun. 2017Permalink

I really like this figma, it is a stunning example of the line and I'm glad I picked it up. the only issue i have with it is the data rings they are kinda wonky and sag weirdly. I am a big fan of the secondary body with the coat it is one large piece with little articulation, but it is a cool part of the character and I'm glad it was included

figma Girls und Panzer der Film Maho Nishizumi & Erika Itsumi Set

great set, could use more

21 Jun. 2017Permalink

I really like this set of figma, but I would have liked a few more accessories for the price paid. nothing on the level of the Angler fish team ones, but maybe an extra expression for both girls, we get poker face for both, then yelling slightly embarrassed for Maho and Erika respectively. other than that its two throat mics and one pair of binoculars. and it just doesn't feel like enough. The bodies are also Identical, witch i think just comes back to kinda poor character design, God just throw one of them in stocking or something. but the hair and faces look as good as usual. so if your a big fan of GuP like I am its a must have, but if you just have a passing interest or just like fi...Read moreClose

Super Action Statue Drifters Oda Nobunaga

a little disaponted

16 Jun. 2017Permalink

It's an OK articulated figure, and I'll be the first to say that I'm not the biggest fan of articulated figures Over all it looks good but some of the connections could have been though out a bit better. the place where the lower body meets the upper body is probably the worst offender. its a ball joint and it has a fit so bad that once you get it in place any sort of movement will pop it out. The lower arms will also are fixed inside the sleeve, so when you get him in some poses the sleeve densest look right. I like the figure because I like the Drifters as a source materiel and if they ever put Yoichi up for pre-order Ill pick him up too, but if that is anything like this on...Read moreClose

figFIX Girls und Panzer Anchovy

good figure

13 Jun. 2017Permalink

Nice little figure, the riding crop did require some force to get into her hand but after that it looked amazing. would like to see some more like this for the other schools from the anime

Manga Techniques Volume 6: Tone Techniques for Beginners

huge help

10 May. 2017Permalink

I was never a big fan of shading and this helped me understand how to use some of the deleter tones to shade areas and ad contrast to your drawing.

Manga Techniques Vol. 4: Character Design for Beginners

helped with proportions

10 May. 2017Permalink

it really helped me with working with proportions with characters and conveying personalities with design

Manga Techniques Vol. 7: Creating Characters for Games

good book

10 May. 2017Permalink

good pointers for character design for games

Manga Techniques Volume 1: Drawing Manga for Beginners

great book

10 May. 2017Permalink

good basic techniques, a very basic look into drawing

figFIX Love Live! School Idol Festival Honoka Kosaka: Cheerleader Ver.

I can't wait

24 Apr. 2017Permalink

This is a amazing figure. and i cant wait for the other 8 members of muse to be released so i can complete the set, its a fun pose and the figure had great detail. any fan of Muse would love to have this figure in their collection

Super Action Statue: Drifters Toyohisa Shimazu

very good articulated figure

16 Apr. 2017Permalink

The detail and articulation on this figure is amazing. everything fits together well and all of the individual parts and well made, posing this figure is a little tricky and to achieve some of the cooler action poses is going to take some time and effort, I would suggest this to any one who likes the source material, articulated figures or just fans of samurai

Please Tell Me! Galko-chan Galko 1/6 Scale Figure

Very Tall

10 Mar. 2017Permalink

So... This figure is a lot taller than is listed. its listed at 10.8", however this does not include the base stair case she is standing on. she is around 13-14" all assembled so plan accordingly for your display. Personally I had to drop a shelf down to accommodate her. Other than that she is a beautiful figure. her glasses are a the only optional part and they are very small and fragile , so if you're going to store them put them some place safe. I also thought mine were broken, but the right side of the glasses do not have the ear hook on them they simply rest against her hair like the hear hook is under the hair. If you have a place to display this i would recommend this...Read moreClose

figma Strike Witches the Movie Yoshika Miyafuji: Shinden Ver.

love these figma

06 Mar. 2017Permalink

A great Figma I love max factory and good smile, and these figma are just one of the best product lines out there. Yoshika looks great and the number of display options is almost over whelming.

figma Strike Witches the Movie Mio Sakamoto

Good figma

24 Feb. 2017Permalink

tons of display options as usual with figmas, it even includes come figure specific parts, like a hand holding her eye-patch. the sword scabbard strap is a but weak and one end came detached, but some superglue fixed it with no deformation or screwing up of the plastic. its a good figma and I'm happy to have it in my collection.

Rail Wars! Aoi Sakurai 1/8 Scale Figure

I have been waiting so long

21 Feb. 2017Permalink

So I love rail wars! love the LN love the anime just love it. and I have been wanting this specific figure for a while now but its always been sold out. so I was super exited when I was able to get it here. This is a great figure and its worth the price tag. It's a fun action shot and reflects the character it a very true way. her eagerness to take action and her run and gun attitude to her security position. most action poses have only one ideal but this one because there is so much to see you can ideally show it from any side where you can still see her face from her directly looking at you to just about to run into you. I like it so the platform edge ( the side with the yellow part)...Read moreClose

Hatsune Miku: Swimsuit Ver.

not bad for 20 bucks

21 Feb. 2017Permalink

this is a nice little figure, however it's not the best. first off some details are like the 01 on her arm is missing, its a very minor thing and you can see it in the photos but it didn't really bother me, but it may bother someone who is a big vocaloid fan. my only other complaint is the base, its shown with a clear round base, how ever mine has a teal base that has tooth or cog like pattern on the outside, I'm not to found of it I would have preferred the clear base, if it was yellow it would have looked like a sun witch may have gone with the swimsuit design but the I don't thing the color would have matched very well. Over all its a cute figure that would make a good...Read moreClose

Mayo Chiki! Subaru Konoe

on my wish list for so long

06 Feb. 2017Permalink

So i have loved this figure for a long time, so when i saw it come back in stock i had to jump on it. first off it comes in a metal tin. I was very surprised that is wasn't another cardboard box, however it plays into the the figure. When I opened up the tin I found a bunch of pieces of Subaru. You have to assemble this figure. now years of miniatures games have prepared me for this, so I bust out my 2 part epoxy and went to work. She went together with no problems everything it notched so it will only fit one way and you cant mix up left and right. The only part I didn't permanently attach was the legs to the her torso, the fit for both sets of legs fit tight enough that I didn&ap...Read moreClose

EVA STORE Original NERV Beer Glass

Cool glass!

03 Feb. 2017Permalink

very nice glass, design is nice and crisp. its smaller than I thought it would be, I should have read the description better clearly says it's only about 14 oz was expecting a full 16 oz pint glass. over all still very happy

EVA GOLF Pile Support Socks

very comfortable

03 Feb. 2017Permalink

nice socks, love the designs and very good support!

Sushi Socks

$5.99 - $40.99
Sushi Socks

these socks are GREAT!

03 Feb. 2017Permalink

such cool designs and very comfortable! I love fun socks and these hit the nail on the head.

Arpeggio of Blue Steel Mental Model Iona 1/7 Scale Figure

Fantastic Figure

25 Jan. 2017Permalink

this is a great looking figure, the sculpt is beautiful and the quality is worth the price. The base is very cool and keeps with the sailing action of the manga and show, they could have gone with a plain black or white base but they did put some work into it and they did a good job. However due to the pose I had to display higher than I would normally, she is slightly bent over. When set next to figures of similar size you get a lot of the top of her head, It isn't the best viewing angle. It would look best on a shelf that is about your eye level or one that you can view form slightly below.
This would be a great addition to anyone's collection.

Girls und Panzer Miho Nishizumi: Yukata Ver. 1/8 Scale Figure

Such a great figure

02 Dec. 2016Permalink

GuP is my favorite anime of all time, and this Miho figure is perfect, and looks even better when paired with Yukari.

Girls und Panzer Yukari Akiyama: Yukata Ver. 1/8 Scale Figure

My new favorite

02 Dec. 2016Permalink

As soon as I un-boxed this Figure I knew that it needed to be front and center of my collection. I love this figure, every touch really keeps with the character, like the pattern on the Yukata being tanks and tank tracks, then when paired with Ms. Nishizumi it really finishes it nicely. they really look like they are enjoying themselves at a festival

Fate/Stay Night [UBW] Saber & Rin Tohsaka Figure Set

good smile delivers again

20 Oct. 2016Permalink

Very high quality figures for the price. Saber does come in two pieces but the fit is nice and and does take some effort to press them together. Any fan of Fate series should be proud to own.

Figuarts Zero Infinite Stratos Cecilia Alcott

Great Figure

17 Oct. 2016Permalink

Great looking figure. Very true to the character, my only issue it the base is quite large for how tall she is. its about 3x5", so you can't get a good group display with any other statues.

Figuarts Zero Infinite Stratos Charlotte Dunois

Absolute favorite

17 Oct. 2016Permalink

Charlotte is my favorite character for <IS> and this figure capture her perfectly. my only problem is the same as the one I had with Figuarts Zero Infinite Stratos Cecilia Alcott, the base is too large for how tall the statue is. its 3x5" and takes up a lot of space for the size of the statue. but over all I really love this figure.