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All About Max Factory

Hey thats pretty good

20 Feb. 2016Permalink

Lets review the book first. The book is great and tells you the history of Max Factory, all their figures and figurines. Theres even a map of what the inside of the Max Factory office looks like. This book is also great as an art reference book which is why I bought this. There are characters of all kinds doing all sorts of poses.

Now to the figure. The figma is a female Figma 2.0 molded in a clear plastic. It is just a bit taller than the Figma Archetype She. Being a bit bigger, the figure cannot bend its elbows and knees as well as the Archetypes can. The arm sockets are a bit loose as well as the toe joints. those two parts tend to just flop around and cant hold up well. I though...
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figma Archetype: She Flesh Color Ver.

Excellent to say the least

20 Feb. 2016Permalink

This works great as an art figure. Proper flexibility, anatomical correctness, and a sleek look. The only downside is that neck does not move, only the head which means you cant give it a wide range of motion to look around.

SD EX-Standard Wing Gundam Zero EW Ver.

This is the new standard for SD kits?

20 Feb. 2016Permalink

Lets start with the positives. Proportionally, this look nails it. Nothing is overly huge and all the parts seem very natural despite being SD. The articulation, especially for the shoulders and ankles, is superb and easily surpasses most other SD kits. The kit is also extremely detailed despite being only $6.50.

Now the plethora of Downsides. Stickers and stickers. There are so many parts of the Gundam that need to be covered in stickers. Parts like the upper shoulder pads, front skirts, and the blue "ears". The kit only comes in Navy blue, white, and yellow with the only yellow piece being the V-fin. You're gonna need a lot of paint. There are also massive gaps in t...
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Kapool 1/144 Scale Figure | Turn A Gundam

An excellent figure of the goofiest Mobile Suit

20 Feb. 2016Permalink

This is a great figure for any Gundam fan. Standing at 4 inches in height, the Kapool may be small but it is still packed with several moving parts that rival most HG model kits. Accessories are limited to 2 arm mounted machine guns and a mono eye extender. There is also a hole in the back thruster allowing this figure to be mounted on any peg-based action bases or figma bases.

One problem is that the process of removing the "lid" over the eye can be jarring the first few times as it seems like the hinge will snap, but a few pulls will soften up the joint. The only other problem, which is more of a nit-pick, are the flexibility of the arms. The arms are segmented into 4 p...
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