Follow Labels, Win TOM Points

Follow Labels, Win TOM Points!

From now until August 31, 2017 (11:59 pm PDT), following 5 or more labels will win you up to $50 in TOM Points!

10 lucky winners will each receive $50 in TOM Points!
Everyone else will also receive $1 in TOM Points just for participating!

Everyone’s a winner, so there’s really nothing to lose! :D
All TOM Points will be awarded in September.

What’s a Label and How Do I Follow It?

A label is a tag that describes a product - it can be an anime series, character name, brand, shop category, or anything else imaginable. They’re attached to every product, and are helpful when you want to see more products from a certain label!

Let’s say you’re viewing a Satsuki Nendoroid. Label tags you’ll find under the product description include Figures, Good Smile Company, Kill la Kill, Nendoroid, Satsuki Kiryuin, and so on. Let’s say you want to view more Satsuki merchandise. Clicking on the label tag Satsuki Kiryuin will bring you to its label page, which displays all products with the Satsuki Kiryuin label.

Now that you know where to find label pages...

Introducing: the “Follow” function for labels! To follow a label, click the new “Follow” button on a label page.

Label page for Satsuki Kiryuin Merchandise

Label page for Satsuki Kiryuin Merchandise

By following a label, you will receive periodic email updates whenever there are new items from that label!
That way you can stay informed and make sure you don’t miss out on the items that you love! 💌
Find some items you love and start following labels now!