Awesome collection book


Even tho its in full japanese the names and art designs of the Kamihime characters still look crazy awesome, and for those who can read it its full of small bits of information and details about said characters, love it

Incredible calendar but cant write notes


The calendar is amazing, the images on it are just astonishing, it would be perfect but i wish i could write notes and important dates on it but that would be on top of said drawings so theres the downside, still pretty incredible

Splatoon Cushions
Splatoon Cushions$30.99 - $61.99



This is a very nice product, they are a considerable size and the fabric is just so soft and squishy, its a great cushion to lay down and relax for a while

Pretty neat pin/badge


The pin is amazing and big enough to not lose it easily (cause i lose things often :'v) Its very durable and the design on the Mary one looks awesome, love it

Amazing Product, considering buying the other set


This was my first purchase on TOM and i must say im impressed, the Rubber Straps came in perfect conditions and with its original package and i love em, they can work as a keychain or a phone little decoration so i carry my little Mary and Seto everyone along with keys 10/10 i highly recommend even tho the price is a bit high, could be lowered a bit but its still worth it

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