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Q: How do I leave feedback on a project?

TOM Projects is a platform for fan and creator interaction during the product development process.

Project owners present sample designs and prototypes of their products, and fans comment with their ideas, preferences, and questions. Fans and project owners are able to communicate and work toward the product's final design together. Fans can also fund the projects for which they are interested in receiving the final product.

Q: What's the difference between "All-or-nothing" and "Pre-order" projects?

All-or-nothing projects have a funding goal that needs to be met within the project period in order for the product to be created. If an All-or-nothing project fails to meet its funding goal, the product(s) in development will not be created, and all backers will receive a full refund.

Pre-order projects do not have a fixed funding goal, and everyone who reserves the product during the project period will receive it after the project ends and the product has been manufactured.

Q: Can TOM Projects guarantee the fulfillment of rewards?

TOM Projects is unable to guarantee that projects will succeed or that rewards will be delivered or deemed satisfactory. By backing a project you understand that you are funding product(s) in development, and that the project may experience changes, delays, and unforeseen challenges, and may not achieve success. With these risks in consideration, we leave it up to your own judgment whether you would like to fund a project.

Q: How do I change my registered e-mail address or password?

You can change your e-mail address and password from your Account Settings page.

Q: What do I do if the information on my confirmation email cannot be viewed correctly or has formatting errors?

As all emails are HTML based, we recommend using an email client that can receive and view HTML emails to back your project. If you need to change your email, you may do so here. If your email is not showing up correctly so that you cannot view vital backing information, you can contact us or confirm your backed projects from your My Projects page.

Q: How can I stop receiving email updates about my backed projects?

The core of TOM Projects is fan and creator communication. Once you have committed to a project by backing it or making a reservation, you will continue to receive all project updates via email. As products may undergo various changes and drafts before they are finalized, it is important that as a backer you are informed of all changes to the product(s) you have funded and opted to receive.

Q: Can I create a project?

At the moment, project creation is not open to the general public.

Backing a Project

Q: I found a project I want to support! What can I do?

If you are interested in receiving the product being developed, you can fund the project. You can also leave comments on the project page with your feedback, ideas, preferences, and questions to help the project owner shape and improve the product. You can also share the project on social media to help it reach more people!

Q: How do I leave feedback on a project?

You can leave comments via the Facebook Comments box located on the project page.

Project owners are responsible for reading through all comments on a regular basis, and may respond directly to your comment and/or implement your feedback. Please understand, however, that it is not guaranteed that all feedback will be implemented.

Q: How do I fund a project?

On the project page, click "Back" or "Reserve" and select the reward you are interested in receiving. Enter your payment and shipping information and follow the steps through to submission. Once your payment is complete, you will receive a confirmation email.

Q: Can I choose multiple rewards when I fund a project?

You are only able to select one reward at a time when funding a project, but you are able to fund the same project multiple times and select a different desired reward each time.

Q: Why are some rewards not available in my country?

Some products may have region restrictions. This could be due to your country's laws, determined by the project owner, or due to other factors.

Q: Can I offer more than the value of my selected reward to help support a project?

Unfortunately, you are only able to fund the value of your desired reward. You are unable to pay extra or freely adjust your payment amount.


Q: What payment methods can I use?

Payments can be made via credit or debit card and PayPal. Depending on the project, payments will be made in either USD or JPY.

Q: Can I use TOM Points to fund a project?

While you can earn TOM Points from backing TOM Projects as a perk of being a TOM Shop user, TOM Points can be used to discount or fund anything on TOM Projects.

Q: Can I pay in installments?

No; all payments must be made in full.

Q: Can I cancel my funding or reservation?

All payments are final and cannot be canceled. However, in the event that an All-or-nothing project fails to reach its funding goal, you will receive a full refund.


Q: When will I receive my reward?

If the project is a success, after the project ends the creator will begin manufacturing your reward(s). This process generally takes around 3 months, but may vary depending on the project. After the rewards are complete, they will be shipped out. Shipping speed will vary depending on the country and shipping method. You can check the expected delivery date of your reward(s) on your My Projects page.

Q: How will be rewards be shipped?

Rewards will be shipped via Air SPR, EMS, or USPS depending on the size and weight of your reward and what country it ships from.

Q: Do I need to pay for shipping costs?

The cost of shipping is included in the price of the product, so you will not need to pay for shipping.

Q: Will I need to pay any additional import duties, VAT, customs taxes, or local handling fees when receiving my reward?

Depending on your country's customs laws, you may be required to pay a tax before obtaining your package. In some areas, such as the United Kingdom and France, the local postal service may charge an extra handling fee for processing packages affected by customs taxes. Payment of customs taxes and any possible handling fees is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Q: Can I change the shipping address for my backed projects?

Yes. You can edit your shipping address from your My Projects page.

Q: Can I change my reward?

No; it is not possible to change your reward after backing a project or placing a reservation. Please be sure that you have selected the correct reward before completing checkout.

Q: Can I return a Product or exchange it for a different version?

Unfortunately, Products can not be returned or exchanged. If your Product was defective or damaged upon arrival, please contact us as soon as possible.