Fruits Basket's 3rd and "Final" Season to Air in 2021!

Fruits Basket's 3rd and "Final" Season to Air in 2021!

Popular reboot anime series Fruits Basket will receive a third and "final" season set to air in 2021!

Along with the announcement, a collection of illustrations penned by original author Takaya Natsuki was released on the series' official website. Each was uploaded to her personal Twitter account after every episode of Season 2, which ended recently with its 25th episode.

Fruits Basket follows high school student Honda Tohru, who one day finds herself moving in with classmate Sohma Yuki and his family. However, she soon discovers that they are all subject to a peculiar curse where they are possessed by animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

(C)Takaya Natsuki, Hakusensha / Fruits Basket Production Committee

Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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