Pokémon GO to Launch Live Events For Summer 2018!

Pokémon GO to Launch Live Events For Summer 2018!

Soon, summer will be officially back, and Niantic is wasting no time showing Pokémon Trainers around the world what they have to look forward to! Building upon the debut of their live summer events from 2017, live events for smartphone game Pokémon GO are currently in the works for three cities across the world: Dortmund, Chicago, and Yokosuka.

Those up for traveling to Dortmund, Germany will be treated to their very own Safari Zone from Jun. 30 to July 1. It’ll be hosted at the Westfalenpark, a lovely place filled with endless gardens, chic cafes, and more. There’ll be plenty of space and time to run around catching all sorts of rare and powerful Pokémon!

America will also get to join in the fun with Pokémon GO Fest 2018: A Walk in the Park! On Jul. 14 and 15, Chicago’s Lincoln Park will be filled with Pokémon and other physical attractions to enjoy along with its 1.8 mile walking course with gorgeous and natural surroundings. Trainers can get their hands on tickets from May 11.

Finally, not many details have been revealed for the event taking place in Yokosuka, Japan except that it'll also be a Safari Zone.

Trainers in other countries will also have the chance to enjoy summer festivities in the form of challenges and rare opportunities in-game as well. For example, the next Pokémon GO Community Day happens on May 19, with the presence of the fiery Charmander promised.

For more information, visit the official website for Pokémon GO.

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