Digimon Adventure tri. Receives Its Own Stage Play!

Digimon Adventure tri. Receives Its Own Stage Play!

Digimon Adventure tri will be getting a stage play of its very own this summer! Titled “Digimon Adventure tri. ~The August 1st Adventure~”, the play will have ten performances between Aug. 5 and Aug. 13 at the Zepp Blue Theater Roppongi in Tokyo. Besides the fact that it will be a side story to Digimon Adventure tri., there’s no further information on key visuals or potential performers yet. An official website and Twitter account were recently made public, however, so updates are sure to come in gradually.

A sequel to Hongo Akiyoshi's original work, Digimon Adventure tri. takes place six years later with the main characters now in high school. Rather than a TV series, the story is being released in parts as films. The first, titled Reunion, premiered in Nov. 2015. The fourth and most recent film, Loss, was just released in Feb. 2017.

With the fifth part ( Symbiosis ) slated for a late 2017 premiere, it’s clear that Digmon fans will have quite a bit of excitement to look forward to!

Digimon Adventure tri. ~ The August 1st Adventure~
Duration: Aug. 5 ~ Aug. 13, 2017
Location: Zepp Blue Theater Roppongi
Producer: Polygon Magic
Organization: Stage Play “Digimon Adventure tri.” Production Committee/Toei Animation/Polygon Magic/E+

© Hongo Akiyoshi / Toei Animation © Stage Play “Digimon Adventure tri.” Production Committee

Source: AnimeAnime

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