Become a true Ninja with NINJACKET!

Become a true Ninja with NINJACKET!

Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM) is collaborating with STUDIO696 for the NINJACKET project (, a project to create a modern hoodie-style take on stealthy ninja attire! Crowdfunding opened on Indiegogo on Dec. 7 with an initial goal of $20,000, and fans have until Jan. 31 to back it!

This is the follow-up to the Samurai Armor Hoodie TOM x STUDIO696 project from Apr. 2016 which succeeded after earning over $80,000 in funding. The NINJACKET uses lightweight jersey material, a must-have for ninjas-in-training looking for non-restricting clothes!

NINJACKET Highlights
・The non-detachable hood has a loose fit to capture that ninja style, but the accented color line (available in red, blue, or yellow) adds a modern touch!
・The extra long collar zips up the front to cover the lower half of your face.
・The chest has a chainmail design that’s cut and sewn instead of printed.
・The sleeves cover the back of your hands and have a finger look.

・You can also get pants in a set that incorporate hakama (trousers) and kyahan (leggings) Features.
・They’re made of the same jersey materials as the NINJACKET, so they match perfectly.
・The elastic waistband and cord mean they’re easy to move in and fit perfectly.
・The cuffs have ribbing to match kyahan.

Project Details
Crowdfunding Site:
Open Period: Dec. 7, 2016 @ 6:00 p.m. (PST) to Jan. 31, 2017 @ 11:59 p.m. (PST)
Backing Options:
- NINJACKET (Early Bird): $159 (limited to 30)
- NINJACKET (Regular Price): $189
- NINJACKET & NINJA Pants Set (Early Bird): $219 (limited to 30 sets)
- NINJACKET & NINJA Pants Set (Regular Price): $249
- 3 NINJACKETS (Early Bird): $429 (limited to 30 sets)
- 3 NINJACKETS (Regular Price): $509
- 3 NINJACKETS & 3 NINJA Pants Set (Early Bird): $589 (limited to 30 sets)
- 3 NINJACKETS & 3 NINJA Pants Set (Regular Price): $669

Available: Worldwide
Estimated Shipping: April 2017

If you happen to live in Japan, you can still back it through the crowdfunding platform Campfire.

You can see the NINJACKET in action in the short video “Be the Hero with NINJACKET” below! It features a high school girl and her friends who transform into ninja using the hoodie to chase down a thief around Tokyo. (It features some cool parkour, too!)

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[Project Team]
Project Producer: Bamboo (milktub)
Product Development: STUDIO696 Ltd.
Marketing/Promotion: Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.

About Bamboo (milktub)
Project producer and production supervisor.
“I’m the vocalist of milktub, a band in Japan that primarily creates anime and video game music, and I act as a representative for a PC game brand. To date, I’ve helped produce a great number of goods based on games as well. As far as apparel goes, I’ve put in a lot of effort since the inception of the manufacturer I work with (considered the top video game development company in Japan that creates apparel), and I’m working on product development in cooperation with a clothing manufacturer, with a meticulous focus down to the raw materials used.”
milktub Official Website: (Japanese)

About STUDIO696
STUDIO696 is the entertainment agency that manages milktub. The agency also works on the development of music and merchandise for a variety of artists and releases CDs as an indie label, boasting its own recording studio.
STUDIO696 Official Website: (Japanese)

Company: Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.

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