Yui Horie and Customi-Z Announced as “K: Return of King” Theme Song Artists

Yui Horie and Customi-Z Announced as “K: Return of King” Theme Song Artists

The theme song artists for K: Return of King, a new TV anime starting this October, have been revealed. The opening theme will be “Asymmetry” by Yui Horie and the ending theme “Kai” by Customi-Z. Kenjiro Tsuda has also been chosen to voice new character Goki Zenjo who will debut in season 2. Things are heating up for the fall broadcast as more new information is released.

The opening theme of K: Return of King will be Yui Horie’s “Asymmetry.” Yui also voices character Anna Kushina in the series, and she expresses the series’ world through the character and song. The opening theme was composed by band Angela.

The ending theme is “Kai” by Customi-Z, a four-person unit that had its major debut from Starchild this past February. They lyrics to the song were written by Tatsuki Miyazawa, leader of the creator group GoRA and creator and writer of K What kind of song he has created is a point that seems likely to gain attention.

The release date of these songs has already been set as well. The opening theme will be released on Nov. 4 and the ending theme on Nov. 18.

Kenjiro Tsuda has been assigned the role Goki Zenjo, a member of the Blue Clan’s Scepter 4 who has appeared previously in the novel version of the series. Tsuda has voiced character Mikoto Suo in the first season and theatrical movie, and will continue his work on K in season 2.

A key visual of the anime has also been released. All of the characters announced to date are lined up in the visual, which is a jaw-dropping composition complete with the wording “The bonds, that surround us.”

In other news, it has been announced that the title of the advance screening to be held on Sept. 27 is “Drawn Sword Advance Screening.” Onstage at the screening will be members of the cast including Kazuyuki Okitsu (Nagare Hisui) and Masakazu Morita (Yukari Mishakuji). A rescreening will be held on the official site in September, and information on the packages and broadcast will be posted there as well.

Yui Horie: “Asymmetry”
Release Date: Nov. 4
Lyrics: Atsuko
Composition: Atsuko, Katsu
Arrangement: Katsu

Customi-Z: “Kai”
Release Date: Nov. 18
Lyrics: Tatsuki Miyazawa (GoRA)
Composition: G, RP, Shun Kusakawa
Arrangement: GRP

K: Return of King Official Site
Yui Horie Artist Site
Customi-Z Artist Site

Source: animeanime
Source article written by Katsunori Takahashi

© GoRA, GoHands / k-project
© GoRA, GoHands / k-project

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