“Digimon Adventure Tri” Six-Part Series Coming to Theaters November 2015; Natsuki Hanae to Play Taichi

The huge hit anime Digimon Adventure which began broadcasting in 1999 reached its 15th year in 2014. At that time, the all-new anime Digimon Adventure Tri was revealed. Now the theatrical release date has been released. The movie will begin screening in theaters around Japan on Nov. 21.

The title of the first chapter of Digimon Adventure Tri has also been revealed to be “Reunion.” The series will consist of six chapters. The schedules for chapter 2 and beyond have not yet been revealed, but it seems they are aiming to release them one after the next. Digimon fans all over Japan now have plenty to enjoy from hereon.

Digimon Adventure Tri is a sequel to the first Digimon Adventure series. In the series, as in life, time has passed, and main character Taichi Kamiya has grown into a high school student. The DigiDestined have matured from kids to nearing the entrance to adulthood. Information on what kind of story there will be is forthcoming, but for now it seems fans won’t be able to take their eyes off what this series themed after a new adventure will become.

Along with the release date, the cast has also been announced. Taichi and the rest of the kids have been completely swapped out. On the other hand, the first generation cast of the Digimon will reprise their roles, beginning with Chika Sakamoto as Agumon. Many young voice actors have been lined up to play the characters, including Natsuki Hanae as Taichi Yagami, Yoshimasa Hosoya as Yamato Ishida, Suzuko Mimori as Sora Takenouchi, Mutsumi Tamura as Koshiro Izumi, Hitomi Yoshida as Mimi Tachikawa, Junya Ikeda as Jo Kido, Junya Enoki as Takeru Takaishi, and MAO as Hikari Yagami. The cast overflows with a sense of freshness.

On the staff side, Keitaro Motonaga of Katanagatari and Majestic Prince fame is directing, Yuko Kakihara is the writer, and Atsuya Uki of Cencoroll and Tsuritama fame is the character designer. AiM will also sing the ending theme to chapter 1, “I Wish.”

How will Digimon Adventure Tri, a new take on the long-running popular series, progress from here? Fans will no doubt be on pins and needles.

Digimon Adventure Tri: Chapter 1 - Reunion
Releasing Saturday, Nov. 21, 2015
Screenings and cast appearances to take place in theaters across Japan!

Original Concept: Akiyoshi Hongo
Director: Keitaro Motonaga
Series Composer: Yuko Kakihara
Character Designer: Atsuya Uki
Planning/Production: Toei Animation

Taichi Yagami: Natsuki Hanae
Agumon: Chika Sakamoto
Yamato Ishida: Yoshimasa Hosoya
Gabumon: Mayumi Yamaguchi
Sora Takenouchi: Suzuko Mimori
Piyomon: Atori Shigematsu
Koshiro Izumi: Mutsumi Tamura
Tentomon: Takahiro Sakurai
Mimi Tachikawa: Hitomi Yoshida
Palmon: Kinoko Yamada
Jo Kido: Junya Ikeda
Gomamon: Junko Takeuchi
Takeru Takaishi: Junya Enoki
Patamon: Miwa Matsumoto
Hikari Yagami: MAO
Tailmon: Yuka Tokumitsu

Digimon Adventure Tri
© Akiyoshi Hongo, Toei Animation

Source: animeanime

© Akiyoshi Hongo, Toei Animation
© Akiyoshi Hongo, Toei Animation
© Akiyoshi Hongo, Toei Animation
© Akiyoshi Hongo, Toei Animation

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