Awesome Akihabara-Style Idol Group’s New Single Features Skirts that Light Up the Highly Coveted Absolute Territory!

The Akihabara-style idol unit Moso Calibration (also known as MoCali) has debuted a music video for their new single, “Mahou no Juice.” The video features them dancing in Hikaru Skirts. You can’t miss out on this fantastic new collaboration between MoCali and the Hikaru Skirt!

This new music video showcases MoCali and the much-talked-about Hikaru Skirt, a skirt that illuminates the thigh area between the skirt and stockings (otherwise known as “Absolute Territory” or Zettai Ryoiki in Japanese). Each member of the group wears a skirt that corresponds to their member color and has fun dancing and singing around the town of Akihabara. The wonderful illuminating skirts light up to the music, and shine a light on each girl’s unique presence!

Along with previously debuted, the idols of Moso Calibration are the newest idol group to come out of the Akihabara Dear Stage, and debuted in March 2013. Currently, the six members consist of Mahiru Kurumizawa, Usa Sakurano, Nae Futaba, Nia Hoshino, Iori Amamiya, and Yumeko Mizuki. Their new single “Mahou no Juice” will be released on April 7, 2015, and is an energetic song that will be sure to rile up all the fans!

The Hikaru Skirt was a product developed by Kiyoyuki Amano, an engineer at Kayac Inc., a company known in the industry for their interesting new ideas. The device illuminates the area between the skirt and thigh-high socks, further highlighting the mystique and wonder of the Absolute Territory! We can look forward to many more collaborations to come between the Hikaru Skirt and both 3D and 2D girls!

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Collaboration between Hikaru Skirt and MoCali
Collaboration between Hikaru Skirt and MoCali

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